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Do an Exercise a Day for a Fantastic Butt

A Fitness Plan for an Awesome Rear View


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Hello! Could anybody tell me if there is a way to bring up demonstrations of these exercises? I was thinking maybe they just might be under a different name but I have been unable to find them and I really want to make sure I am doing this right!

Thanks in advance! Report
Dear DanceMonkey... Fat will come off, but it won't be isolated to one area. And I don't think they are talking about spot reduction here, but strengthening & toning... If I am not mistaken, you can tone a specific area of the body. Report
I wish this was available as a poster. Something to remind me during the morning routine. Report
I have always heard that you can't spot reduce. What is the difference? Report
I cannot find the Monday exercise so that I can log it... Haven't checked for the others yet, but am I just missing it? Report

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