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7 Things that Separate Weight-Loss Winners & Losers

How You Could Stay on Top of Your Game


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Thannks Report
Great article! Report
Thanks, Great article. Report
I agree that breaks are important for long term success. They help you avoid feeling totally deprived. My dietician didn't understand my wanting to lose at a slower rate so I could take those occasional breaks that made me connected to people around me. We parted ways. Report
thanks. time to be a winner Report
Breaks are important. Report
Great advice! Report
Great article and I always thought weight loss was a challenging goal but maintaining the weight loss is equally as hard. Report
By nature I’m not a team player.
And buddying up with someone else for whom weight loss is a dawdle would only discourage me when they lost every week and had a cream bun and I didn’t do either.
While buddying up with someone who struggled harder than myself and lost less than me on a regular basis would only make me feel bad Report
I, too, don't believe I need to share everything with the world nor do I need constant praise, If I slip, I have a talk with myself and get back at it. Report
Tapestries!!! Awesome I agree-I think I take what I can use and leave the rest for my health. Report
Maybe it's because I'm older, or just an introvert - but I do not feel the need to share everything about my life. That includes my weight loss journey, my successes and my failures.

When I'm out with friends, I'll order what I want without telling everybody I'm on a diet and can't have this or that. I don't make a big deal of what I'm ordering, I just do it. If I turn down dessert or a cocktail it's no big deal - my friend do that too, even if they're not dieting.

I don't take photos of my meals and post them on Facebook/Instagram, etc. I don't post about every pound or inch I lose. I don't whine on public media about those days when the scale goes up or stays the same.

I am my own person - I own my successes and failures, and I don't need constant affirmations or approval, or disapproval from family or friends. If I get a compliment on my looks or someone acknowledges that I've lost weight, I simply say thank you. I don't go on about how much work it was, or what foods I gave up. I just do what needs to be done - for me.


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