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8 Things You Always Wanted to Know about Dieting


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Wait, I heard that chewing gum help on your diet
But not because you burn calorie when you chew
But because chewing activity send a certain signal on to the brain (the brain think that you are eating and so the brain gives a full signal to you so you feel full though no food enter your body)

Anybody heard this before? Report
This is a really informative article. Thanks for the info! Report
I'm glad they have addressed the "negative calorie food" myth. I've seen several dieticians and doctors who all state this is a myth but people persistently hang on to the idea, almost like it is some sort of miracle cure. Hopefully this will help prevent that myth and encourage a well rounded diet. Report
I alway thought celery was supposed to have "negative" calories because of the energy needed to digest it, not chew it.

In any case, even if any of these things were true, the calories saved seem to be kind of negligible. I'm certainly not going to start drinking coffee at my age just to (maybe) lose 50 more cals a day. Report
Thanks very helpful and encouraging to be sensible. Report
"give your jaw a rest and start moving your body! " LOL OK, that was worth the entire article! Report
I really learned a lot from this article. Especially interesting were the points about coffee, negative calorie foods, and pizza. I´ll keep these things in mind Report
Fantastic article, well written. thanks! Report

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