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8 Things You Always Wanted to Know about Dieting


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Lots of information. Thanks. Report
O.k. the whole thing about NOT cutting out sugar is bull. What about people who are so addicted to sugar that they sit there and eat enough sugar at one sitting to kill an elephant? Are they supposed to try to have a little every day anyway? Is that possible when they are so addicted to sugar that when they do it, they do it uncontrollably like a drug? Are they aware that sugar is an addictive substance, and therefore isn't an option for those of us who have developed a total addiction because if we do even a little, we get the taste for it and then want more? And by more I mean A LOT MORE! Don't encourage sugar consumption! We have a big enough problem with addictions and obesity in this country as it is! Report
There are about a BAZILLION things that can effect your diet, but armed with the good sound nutrition advice in this article you can learn to make the right choices for YOU! A little Spark People light comes on in my head every time I reach for an "illegal" (LOL!!!) snack. If I CHOOSE to consume that snack, then I better make up for it some way, that day or the next. Spark people is all about BALANCE and INFORMATION for the INDIVIDUAL. "It takes all kinds to make a world" is an old saying that I feel Spark People articles address, and knowing YOURSELF will help you choose what is right for you! Report
The credentials of the author do not include any medical certifications and I disagree heartily with the "calories in/calories out" method for losing weight simply because it doesn't work for everyone - as CATLUVR06 also mentions. Consuming 500 calories less but eating processed (junk) food or foods that cause isulin spikes in an individual (this includes whole grains) and topping that off with diet sodas or artificial sweetners to "save" calories, is an extremely unhealthy way to lose weight.
Sugar is the enemy in all it's forms - even fruit if you eat too much of it. Vegetables, good fats and proteins (grass-fed lean animal proteins if you're not vegetarian) are what should constitute a healthy diet.
I wish Spark People did more to dispel the myth that success only comes with a calorie deficit and that you are free to consume all food groups - it's simply not good advice. Report
Great article! I agree with everything, especially number 1. I've often told my friends who insist on very low calorie diets that they are just "shooting themselves in the foot" Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I have read ALL comments, but I still maintain that a HEALTHY diet AND daily exercises, it does not matter how long you do the exercises for, are the best ways to lose weight. I have lost 7kg in 7 weeks and I feel SO GREAT, I want to just continue with my new lifestyle! Cutting out TOTALLY on pastries, sodas, processed foods and juices and CHOCOLATES, has TOTALLY helped me. Report
RE: Starvation Mode

Unless you have extremely low body fat there is no reason to think that your body will go into starvation mode. This is a huge myth.
Typically a dieter will PLATEAU. This means that you are not doing enough, or you are doing to much in regards to your diet/exercise.
But STARVATION mode is a long ways off! Report
Some good tips, but all based on faulty "calories in/calories out" model. This has been shown by current research not to be the most effective way to lose weight. It does not take into account people's metabolisms, or that different foods are processed differently by the body. For instance, protein takes more work to digest, giving it a greater calorie burn, plus it gives increased satiety. Also the quality of calories are important - our country suffers from increased obesity related health issues, yet we keep piling on the processed foods, including them in our diets. Eating a diet with fresh whole foods is a first step to a healthy lifestyle. You mention not cutting out whole food groups such as grains or dairy. I have done just that - I rarely eat grains and I have cut way back on dairy. I don't have hardly any cravings, I am satisfied, and I am losing weight at a steady and healthy pace. It is erroneous to say that you are missing nutrients by not eating these foods - what am I missing by not eating bread, pasta, or cheese? What nutrients am I not getting that I cannot get elsewhere, and probably in greater quantities and better quality foods? Just saying, there is so much more information available on losing weight and getting healthy in a more effecient, healthy manner than this theory. Report
Great article. Thank you Report
interestiong Report
Wait, I heard that chewing gum help on your diet
But not because you burn calorie when you chew
But because chewing activity send a certain signal on to the brain (the brain think that you are eating and so the brain gives a full signal to you so you feel full though no food enter your body)

Anybody heard this before? Report
This is a really informative article. Thanks for the info! Report
I'm glad they have addressed the "negative calorie food" myth. I've seen several dieticians and doctors who all state this is a myth but people persistently hang on to the idea, almost like it is some sort of miracle cure. Hopefully this will help prevent that myth and encourage a well rounded diet. Report
I alway thought celery was supposed to have "negative" calories because of the energy needed to digest it, not chew it.

In any case, even if any of these things were true, the calories saved seem to be kind of negligible. I'm certainly not going to start drinking coffee at my age just to (maybe) lose 50 more cals a day. Report

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