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8 Things You Always Wanted to Know about Dieting


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Lots of good info here Report
Intermittent fasting! Check out Dr Fung on youtube. And... DIABETES (Insulin resistance) IS REVERSIBLE. Report
This is great info because it is so practical. Report
Thanks Report
M & M moderation and movement is key to success.... I don't deprive myself and I am more satisfied than ever I do need to keep my eye on veggie intake there's always room for more of that. Report
Absolutely great Report
Great article. Report
Whatever Report
This is in excellent article. It covers all the bases that someone new to health and fitness needs to know. Definitely saving this to Pinterest for others to see. Thanks! Report
Very good article. Thanks. Report
Interesting article. Report
Interesting article. Report
Great article! Report
hmmm. I agree with the commenter who says that those with a sugar addiction shouldn't consume it. Really different people are different and some people can't just 'enjoy one cookie'. Sugar is an addictive substance and if you google or youtube search dr. lustig/sugar there is a really good argument for added sugar being basically poison and something that shouldn't be in the human diet outside of special occasions (think: weddings, holidays)

Also, when speaking about "cutting out entire food groups" like grain and dairy, the author fails to take into account that a LOT of people have a sensitivity to grain and/or dairy. Food sensitivities can cause chronic inflammation which can make it very difficult to lose weight. So if someone has a sensitivity then yes they NEED to cut that "whole food group" out (though I don't know how wheat is a 'food group' you could eat corn, rice, potatoes for much of what you would get in wheat)

I guess I just wanted to point out that the reason wheat and dairy are generally considered "bad foods" is both because they are highly processed generally and also because so many people are sensitive to them so when they cut them out they are either cutting out a highly processed food or something they are sensitive to and feel better and lose weight easier. Report
thanks Report

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