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The Frequent Traveler's Guide to Staying Healthy

Maintain Your Diet and Fitness Routine away from Home


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Great tips! Report
Thanks! Report
thanks Report
Ike some of these suggestions. I will be visiting family at Thanksgiving this year and already planned how to continue my fitness regimen during that week. Report
thank you Report
good information Report
Thanks for the great information! :) Report
The fitness gym at the hotel or condo helps me stay active. I'm getting ready to do a lot of vacation traveling. Have resistance band, will travel. Report
Great information that I can use. Report
This is a very informative article. Thank You. Report
I'm the opposite Prussianette. You can put money on the fact that I will gain five pounds. And that's with going to the hotel or cruise ship gym. I love walking the stairs on the cruise ship.
But I never freak or get worried because once I'm on my normal routine I loose it in about a week.
I also love traveling with my niece. We have too much fun together.

LaJuan Report
I have to admit, I really struggle with why people gain weight when traveling. I ALWAYS lose weight when I travel--especially on vacation. No stress from work, moving all day long, love seafood--and away from that refrigerator that constantly stares you in the face when you are at home. Went on a week and a half trip with my niece and I actually had to stop wearing some clothes by the end of the trip as they were too big!! Report

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