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10 Ways to Find Time for Exercise

Busting the #1 Exercise Excuse: Lack of Time


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we can always find time if we really want to do something Report
Thank you! Report
Thank you! Report
thank you Report
Very good advice and tips. Thank you. Report
Good ideas! Report
If I go early I'm good to exercise but when I put it off then it seldom happens Report
Everyone can find one thing to do-easiest is to make cleaning the house into an Olympic sport: the living room dash, the bathroom downhill, etc. Report
Great article Report
great article Report
Great article! If you want to do something, get up and do it. Report
I cannot get up early because I already get so little sleep so I get exercise through housecleaning. Put on Clean up Time by John Lennon and dance through it all. Sort of like Mrs. Doubtfire with a vacuum cleaner! Report
for years I made excuses not to exercise... once I really wanted to exercise, I made time. Report

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