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7 Ways to Weekend-Proof Your Workout Plan


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Thank you! Report
Thanks! Great info! Report
Interesting article Report
Great article. We all have housework to do whether we do it or not. Report
Good tips. Thanks Report
I attend my gym on M, W, and F only. Report
Thanks for the info!!! Report
Great tips! Thank you! Report
Thanks great advice Report
Housework is even listed in the Fitness Tracker as an activity! Report
I am alone & I exercise the same. I’m sorry 😐 about the other comment I made, I misunderstood the article. Report
I don’t have a problem with the weekend, I eat the same all the time.
Love sought is good,
but given unsought is better.
- William Shakespeare Report
I had to learn how to schedule time for myself. Report
I find it easier to do my workouts on the weekend. Report

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