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Strategies that Fight Cellulite

Getting Rid of Cellulite: What Really Works?


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Thanks for a great article! :) Report
thanks Report
Great, thanks! Report
Great information Report
Interesting Report
I do not appreciate the dismissal at the end: Stop fighting and accept it. This "love the skin your in" concept is patronizing and not good advice at all. If a person dislikes the appearance of cellulite, then they can create the change. A health article should not dismiss their feelings by telling them it's harmless so get over it. Report
Good article Report
If this is a problem of being over weight then why do skinny people also get it. Report
Good article but i like the end the best that says stop fighting it and love the skin you are in. Smile, I know that's easier said then done. Report
Glad to know thst it is jyst a predictable byproduct of WL. Report
My cellulite is due to lost of weigh and having a child. It's gotten better just in exercise and using moisturizing creams. I'm not into peer pressure sells and use the products I normally purchase. Not sure if anything works to get rid of it. I'm happy with being me! Thanx for the information. Report
I've used several anti-cellulite creams in the past. I've been using dermalmd cellulite serum for 2 months now. My skin is smoother and a bit more firm. I believe the cellulite on my thighs, butt and stomach has been visibly reduce. This product doesn't eliminate cellulite but I'm happy with the reduction in its appearance. Report
I have a very small amount of cellulite on the back of my thighs that developed during my last pregnancy. I decided to try this product to see if it would go away. I haven't noticed a difference in skin texture/cellulite, but am still pleased with this lotion. It is moisturizing, has a pleasant smell, and great tingly sensation that makes me feel like I'm doing something. Report

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