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Your Local Park: An Exercise Treasure Chest

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Good article Report
Totally agree. A couple years ago, I made a goal of walking in 100 parks. I saw my state's oldest oak tree, watched a great horned owl in flight, and discovered a historic trail that I passed every day on the way to work. Report
This may be true for the most part, but you need to look to populated areas that have those opportunities. I believe, at times, these pages do not seem to meet the needs for rural areas and that's why it's important for members to look and join teams that meet similar needs. Please, don't get me wrong, I love this site and I have benefited from it. But many towns in the rural setting that I live in don't have the size parks to offer exercise opportunities. Much success in my area comes from walking long driveways to mailboxes and back, throwing/stacking bales, cleaning stables, shoveling grain, and other various chores. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
We LOVE to go to the state and national parks around here. And we go to some of the local ones too. Report
I love to workout in the park with hubby. Great article. Report
Majority of my workouts are now at the park....great article! Report
Green spaces! Essential to the good llife.
I wish there were more par courses available. Report
My nearby park is the only public place I feel comfortable doing my boot camp workouts. Lots of other people are running, stretching and doing their workouts,so I don't feel self-conscious about doing my burpees and mountain climbers. Plus, living in Venice, I've got a great view! Report
I can't believe there was no mention of how playground equipment can be used to get a phenomenal workout. There are a million places to do pull-ups, incline/decline push-ups, inverted rows. I use the slides for my ab work, the park benches for step-up movements & bulgarian split squats. I make up my own little obstacle course and work out while my kids are playing. And the playground mulch itself creates a nicely-challenging unstable surface to help engage your core more with every move! I get some of my best workouts at the playground! Report
I live less than a quarter of a mile from one of the entrances to Mammoth Cave National Park. The trails there are awesome for walking, biking, and even horseback riding! I'm really blessed to have such a resource so close to home! Report
I love, love, love our park system! I think it's one of the best there is! There are paved trails that connect city to city, along with many hiking paths, horse riding paths, some of the paths have different fitness stations, and my very favorite is a section close to where I live that has a set of 136 stairs built into a cliff that you climb and then leads into different paths for running, walking, etc...But there is sooooo much more, fishing, picnicing, swimming...again the list goes on and on! Report
My local park is 15 miles away from my house and full of roaming dogs -- no leash laws here. Not a nice place to be. Report
We have 5 forest preserves near by, and get to each of them frequently. Love the hiking trails, and being able to bring our dog! Great free fitness places! Report
At my local park, a complete outer loop is 1 mile, so easy to know how many miles you have walked which is great since I have to train for a half marathon in May. As long as they have the snow cleared, I go even when it is 15 degrees. I have done a 5K and 10K so far as part of the training. I have a 15K Apr. 9th. I really enjoy walking in the state parks. I have also joined a hiking club too so am more motivated to get out and move and I have made great friends too. Report

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