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A Beginner's Guide to Biking to Work

Get Fit, Go Green and Save Money by Biking


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Great info! Report
The bike rentals that I previously referred to have all disappeared! I wonder! Hmmmm! Report
good info Report
great article. Report
Good info Report
When I was working (now retired) I worked 13 miles from home and worked 7 PM to 7 AM so biking to work was not an option on a country 2 lane highway. Good thoughts though for those that are able. Report
Since I work from home, this is not too much of a challenge, but I think I will add the bike to my morning exercise and I can find a route to the gym using back roads that I could use. Report
I have a 25 mile commute, that's way to much for me to bike twice a day. I would consider driving to up to about 5 miles away from work, then parking and biking the rest of the way. However the route is not bike-friendly at all. I hope there will be improvements in creating bike lanes and bike safe routes in the future. Report
I used to bike to work when I lived in D.C. and Portland, OR. Living in the rural suburbs of Boston, I wouldn't get on a bike unless it was to save someone's life. There are no shoulders here, drivers are rude to other drivers let alone a cyclist, and the weather is generally crap. I'm looking forward to moving when life situation allows. Oh, and as a woman biking in D.C., I had to deal with macho male riders. I suspect things haven't changed on that front. ;-) Report
Riding from the suburbs into the city would be tempting fate around here. Our traffic is notoriously bad. Report
interesting...thanks.... Report
I just got a bike app so that I could start biking to where I volunteer. However after reading the comments, I’m afraid. For some reason, I pictured myself riding on the sidewalks on one of those rental bikes! Sad face! Report
Thank you Report
BTDT. . . while it's good exercise there are too many aggressive drivers on the road. Report

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