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Cultivating a Child-Friendly Backyard

How to Build a Safe & Fun Outdoor Space for Kids


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Great Article! Report
great article Report
Great Article
Thanks for sharing.
Greww up on a farm, my Daddy would stack the hay bales just so for me a play house. With all the animals I befriended and my special place, was in hog heave. Good memories. Report
Interesting Report
Thanks! Report
Good stuff Report
If only we all spent more time thinking & playing like a child! Report
thanks for sharing. lots of good info Report
I like the idea of getting the kids involved, maybe they will eat what they have helped to produce. But they still need to be watched very closely. Thanks! Report
So much to consider... Report
I have to admit, I use some of the strongest chemicals to clear my yard (after getting poison sumac, poison ivy, poison oak and poisonwood) . My husband was working at the park service so he seems to have developed a tolerance for it, but I had it over most of my body and was having to get stronger and stronger doses of steroids to get it down. I first got it in Florida, then in West Virginia and Virginia.

My daughter got poison ivy on her face recently. Because of her age, they did not want to medicate, so be careful with the plants.

Also, be sure to check your child for ticks. Just their presence can terrify a child... Mine was bitten twice and she is still traumatized. Then there is Lymes Disease...

Don't forget sunblock and mosquito repellent.

Lastly, be careful with the sandbox. Bugs love them. Keep it covered, turn the sand and occasionally replace the sand.

Be safe. Report

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