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Beans: The Super Food that Keeps You Full


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I usually opt for canned beans, but I like the idea of saving money while eating more healthily. I think I'll try some of these recipe ideas! Report
I guessed right! Beans make me feel FED. Report
I like to buy dried beans in bulk. Mayacoba beans are my new favorite. They are great with Mexican food and when added to soups and stews. Report
Love to cook beans from dried, adding chopped onion and garlic after soaking overnight. Can't wait until they are done and just eat them plain.
One of my favorite meals is Black Beans, Rice, Chicken and Salsa. Top with a little cheese. Yum-yum! Report
If I don't add a complete protein like tofu or quinoa, I'll combine beans with other vegetables to make a complete protein.
Beano isn't suitable for vegetarians or vegans; it has fish gelatin. [blech] Report
I eat vegetarian a lot, partly to save $$ & partly for health. Beans are among my favorite foods! Different herbs & spices make them vehicles of so many flavors from around the world. Thanks for the recipe links--I saved quite a few of them! Report

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