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Beans: The Super Food that Keeps You Full


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soaking beans before you cook them also breaks up the carbs to make the beans easier to digest. This is especially good for people with ibs or crohnes. Report
Thanks for this article. I love beans. They don't cause any gas problem for me anymore. Maybe the body adapts. I use a slow cooker after cleaning and soaking them overnight.

I sometimes add black or white beans to veggie salads or marinated veggies. It always gets compliments. Report
I hope this tastes as good as it looks! Report
Belladonna74 - That site you linked to is based on a load of hooey. One study said this or that is no basis for a sound scientific understanding of nutrition. Someone selling something there? Of course they are! I have eaten both a meat eating diet and a vegetarian one and you can be healthy on either as long as you get all your nutrients and forget all about nonsense diets based on creating fear to manufacture markets. Report
Even for stovetop cooking, there's really no need to soak beans. I rinse mine and check to see that there's no grit or bad beans, and then put them on to cook with an inch of water over the top, and add onion, garlic and seasonings (a bit of lean ham chunks added when they've been cooking a couple of hours makes them especially savory).

Set 'em on low, stir occasionally, and add water as needed. Yummy over brown rice with a side of fruit. Report
HEARTY SANDWICH SPREAD--I use up leftover kidney beans (cooked with herbs and hot pepper flakes for some kick) by partially mashing them, adding some minced vidalia onion and minced celery--maybe some pickle relish on occasion. That'll fill me up 'way better than peanut butter, with NO fat and LOTS of flavor. Report
I use my RICE COOKER to cook up 1 cup of dried beans. Actually, I think of my rice cooker as a mini-crockpot, and use it for many foods besides rice. It's the perfect size for half a bag of beans, and minimizes boilovers. If the cooker flips itself off before I think the beans are tender enough, I just reset it. Report
I can't believe there was no mention in the article of using a SLOW COOKER or CROCKPOT to cook dried beans. I find this is the easiest way to cook a big batch, then, I freeze individual portions to use in recipes later. Report
i love incorporating beans into my diet. My two favorites are my homemade hummous and homemade Lebanese red lentil soup. So filling with the high fiber. Loved this article! Report
I liked this article. Beans are great! I recommend beans from Rancho Gordo. They're beautiful, unique and very fresh dried beans.
The only way to reduce gas after eating beans is to eat more beans. :)
Oh, and take a look at the healthiest people in the world.. what are they eating? Grains, beans and legumes, vegetables, soy, and very, very little animal flesh.

You're right, OneWeigh! Beans make me feel FED, too!


Legumes are NOT healthy, for many of the same reasons that grains aren't - their lectin content. Lectins are antinutrients (meaning they leech good stuff from our bodies). For more info on WHY they're dangerous read here: -

Yes, they really are that bad (just as grains are). So, Ruth, when you say you eat vegetarian "to save $$s and partly for health" all that money you've saved you'll need for your increased medical insurance premiums - eat vegetarian and become sicker and die younger than if you ate the diet our bodies are supposed to eat (high fat, moderate protein, low carb). Not as fast as vegans, granted, but omnivores live the longest (and suffer FAR fewer health problems).

Eastercat: - whilst quinoa and tofu are complete proteins, it's true - they are poisonous to our bodies (see: - and
are-unhealthy/ and
y/) why not do something radical and, oh I dunno, EAT STEAK!!! Report
Here's an idea for preparing dried beans that we do.
If you plan to have beans during a certain week, whether it's on a salad, in a dish, whatever.
On a weekend day take your crockpot/slowcooker out. Throw some beans, chopped onion, garlic, celery, etc along with maybe a slice of bacon for fat and flavor.
Let them cook to the point that you would like. For salads we like really firm beans, for dishes like bean and rice dishes we like a softer texture.
Then when they're done just simply drain, put in a tupperware container and store in the fridge until you need them.
Pressure cookers are the best thing ever for cooking dried beans! No need to soak the beans. Once the temperature/pressure is right, it only takes 10 - 35 minutes to cook, depending on the type of bean. Black-eyed peas only take 10, black beans take about 35. The beans can cook while you chop and saute veggies for soup. Don't put split peas in the pressure cooker, though. They are too foamy. Report
I usually opt for canned beans, but I like the idea of saving money while eating more healthily. I think I'll try some of these recipe ideas! Report
I guessed right! Beans make me feel FED. Report

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