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Beans: The Super Food that Keeps You Full


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This is a good article on beans, but why does it contain sidebar ads for Jenny Craig? I paid for Premium, I want Premium with NO ADS, especially not for the health-destroying diet industry. Allowing these pseudo-articles and pseudo-blogs to masquerade as SparkPeople content cheapens the entire site and destroys the integrity of the genuine nutritionists and exercise teachers who are trying to help people understand the difference between a quick fix and long-term lifestyle change. If the diet industry wants to buy space for their clearly-labelled advertisements, I don't mind, as long as the ads don't show up on Premium pages. If people want to buy the package, that's their business and their wasted money. Have diet industry teams if you want. But don't confuse diet industry sales pitches with SparkPeople content. Report
I love beans Report
I have found that beans are not tolerated by my body and lead to chronic inflammation. Know that I have underlying autoimmune conditions. I hope to experiment with pressure cooked beans because the pressure cooking does make beans tolerable for some of us with underlying autoimmune conditions. Report
Thank you for sharing. Report
Great info! Report
I need to get beaned up myself...good article. Thx. Report
A pressure cooker is a great kitchen appliance ... especially when dried beans and other legumes are a big part of your diet. Slow cookers can give you mush ... conventionally stove top cooking takes time. Use of spices - aromatic in particular make for variety. If you do choose to use canned beans, wash them several times before starting. Not as good as fresh or dried but better than so many other protein and fiber sources. Report
1st sentence-"about a quarter of the protein and half the fiber recommended daily for adults—all in a single serving.". ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What do you consider a serving? My favorite kidney beans have 6 G protein and 7 fiber for my 1/2 cup serving. Portion control is such an important part of learning to fuel our bodies that at least say how big this "portion" is. I love beans and they have been front and center in my weight loss with Sparkpeople, but I couldn't get past that claim to read the rest of the article! :). Now I will. Report
I prefer dry beans versus can beans. But as a child as well as an adult I did not know how to cook or prepare dry beans.
Its amazing how over the past 8 years, my cooking and eating habits have drastically changed for the better. Report
i love beans and cornbread my fav meal Report
for Belladonna74:

Mark Sisson is a quack, and I suspect you're a Paleo troll. Here's an actually scientific article that mentions Mark Sisson) about the Paleo diet.
Also: You end your bizarre pseudoscience rant with the "radical" suggestion to eat a steak. I agree there. Consumption of an animal corpse is indeed extreme. I'm a slender, fit vegan (have been for 15 years) and I thrive on beans and grains. I have many older and even elderly vegan and vegetarian friends who are also quite healthy. Report
Yes I cook my beans in the slow cooker or crock pot as well. While I am doing other things I just let them cook. Report
Just read the article on beans. Loved it. In order to help with the gas problem my grandmother would bring the dried beans to a boil, pour that water off, add more water then add her seasoning meata d salt then she would continue cooking as normal. Being a good grandson, I do the same. Seems to help with the gas problem. I found out I am in the normal range for gas. I have been thinking I had a major problem. Report
The article didn't mention to look for beans in the frozen foods section, but they are great too...I won't eat canned Lima Beans but the frozen ones taste awesome. Report
Thanks for sharing the secret. Beans are fabulous! I have never found canned beans to be soggy and I use them in almost every dish. Perhaps it is the brand I use which is ALSO BPA-FREE - Eden Organic beans. Love them. Report

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