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Beans: The Super Food that Keeps You Full


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Love all types of beans. Report
I love all types of beans whether canned or dry. Report
Pretty easy and quick to prepare some beans from frozen. Less sodium but quicker than dried. Report
I LOVE a good bowl of Chili Report
I love beans, but being diabetic because of the high carb content I have to cautious. Report
I use dried beans in my slow cooker overnight. Report
Dried beans are cheap and easy. I weigh them out the night before, soak first thing in the morning, cook them late afternoon. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
This is a good article on beans, but why does it contain sidebar ads for Jenny Craig? I paid for Premium, I want Premium with NO ADS, especially not for the health-destroying diet industry. Allowing these pseudo-articles and pseudo-blogs to masquerade as SparkPeople content cheapens the entire site and destroys the integrity of the genuine nutritionists and exercise teachers who are trying to help people understand the difference between a quick fix and long-term lifestyle change. If the diet industry wants to buy space for their clearly-labelled advertisements, I don't mind, as long as the ads don't show up on Premium pages. If people want to buy the package, that's their business and their wasted money. Have diet industry teams if you want. But don't confuse diet industry sales pitches with SparkPeople content. Report
I love beans Report
I have found that beans are not tolerated by my body and lead to chronic inflammation. Know that I have underlying autoimmune conditions. I hope to experiment with pressure cooked beans because the pressure cooking does make beans tolerable for some of us with underlying autoimmune conditions. Report
Thank you for sharing. Report
Great info! Report
I need to get beaned up myself...good article. Thx. Report

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