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Dieting with a Positive Twist

Advice from SparkGuy


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Simple, good and a good point, I forget to keep it simple because I want it all right now ! Thank you for a good artitcle. Report
First thing that comes to mind, is sacrifice, and not in a good way. It's not a sacrifice with a reward at the end. It is more like I am giving it up for the team.

As I write this though, I am thinking that if I use the team analogy, then if I make a sacrifice or two for the belly, the team (body) wins. Go team go!

- Ralph Report
This is a very smart article. keep them coming. I love myself inside out. So, I am very interested about what will keep me healthy such Great exercise, eating healthy, good digestion,good hydration, great articles, finally a healthy weight. I can use all the help possible to make it happen as soon as it is satisfying, possible, durable. Thank you. Report
Thank you for the great article! You are so right, getting healthy and fit is fun! I love it. Thank you for the awesome reminder. Report
Chris, LOVE the new picture, HATED the one with the hat!!! sorry! GREAT article BTW. Report
Good article. I have been working to try to incorporate 5 fruits/vegetables a day. Now that can also pack on calories when I am trying to cut the calories back. But I am realizing that they are good calories filled with good nutrition and fiber. Great reminder, Spark Guy! Report
Excellent artice! This is exactly what I have been doing this time since March and not only have I lost over 75 pounds but I have not missed anything I enjoy. I tell people I am not on a diet I am eating healthy and loving working out. Thanks for keeping me on track. I love SPARKS!!!! Without your support and generousity Chris I am not sure I could have been this sucessful on my own. This site keeps me focused and accountable to myself, which is so important. I really believe this is a lilfestyle change for me, unlike all my other failed attempts of a diet which was only a temporary change. I also have saved this article to refer back to over and over as my pledge to myself. Thanks again! Report
Thank you Chris. I woke up feeling horrible after overeating all week - I even skipped my appointment at the gym with my personal trainor! I have recently begun to try and be healthier but for some reason have been sabotaging myself. This article was just what I needed to read today. I am going to take this weekend to plan out a healthier week without focusing on what I "can't" have but rather focusing on results. Report
Thank you, sometimes I think the word "diet" shoud be deleted!!! Report
I really enjoyed reading this article. It's upbeat & encouraging.

What stands out in my mind from this is the idea of integrating healthy food into your diet instead of focusing on giving up things.

Thanks for sharing. Report
Thank you for these encouraging thoughts, Chris! I really needed to read these words this morning, too :) - Susan Report
Thank you so much for this motivating article! It's so important to remember to have FUN on this journey. Seems like that would be self-evident, but it's not (at least for me). Healthy living should be about growth and opportunities. Report
Great article!

I don't understand the fear of using the word diet. Yes, this is a lifestyle change for me, but my daily food plans are also my diet.

Diet is a 4 letter word. So is Love. The word diet is not going to hold me back. Report
Great article SparkGuy. I no longer "use the term or do" diets. I just try to watch what I'm eating and have smaller portions. If I feel like a treat, then I have it, but think about why I want it and if there is a healthier alternative. Don't get me wrong, I may have the treat, but I also watch the portion size. I don't feel deprived and I'm still losing weight. Thanks for starting this site...I'm still new to it but don't feel its a chore. Thanks again. Report

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