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Dieting with a Positive Twist

Advice from SparkGuy


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Awesome advice, I'm just getting started but I get it. I was trimming hedges and racking leaves and never thought once about the chore itself. I thought about the excersize I was giving my body. Report
Every chore I do around the house, I think about burning calories while I'm doing it. If I run downstairs to put laundry in the washing machine and realize I forgot the hand towel in the bathroom, I run up, grab the towel and run back down. I get daily chores done quickly, so I have time to run around outside with our dog, or have a football or baseball catch or soccer kick with our boys when they get home from school or on the weekends. It makes the boys happy, the dog happy and me happy (and a little thinner). I've killed lots of birds with one stone. What a sense of accomplishment! Report
Thank you! I really needed this message today - went to a party/auction last night and the guilt this am wa over whelming. The whole point of gettin healthy is to be able to LIVE! Report
Chris Downnie is so intuitive...really inspirational. I DO want to get healthy and just tracking my nutrition helps me with the "food eating mantra" MODERATION...we don't have to cut things out of our diet...we just modify our intake!! Thank you for creating these tools for us to use and giving us a chance to communicate with others who are having the same difficulties...Sincerely, Claudia Welch in Torrance Report
Yep, its fun to see the scale move but its even more fun to KNOW that your life is changing for the better! I love these little "happy thoughts" that make the journey a great place to be. Thanks Spark! Report
It's been about a year since I started my journey and it hasn't always been easy,but it's been interesting. I've been losing steadily, but slowly. (1 or 2 lbs. a week) 91 lbs. so far. I've made it interesting by creating new recipes for the old fattening favorites I used to eat. I think being creative has been a big factor in my success. Plateaus occur, but I tweek my food intake and workout program every two weeks or so. This keeps my body guessing and for some reason it works for me. I'm in this for the long haul, so I have to be flexable and tolerent with myself. I've learned a lot about myself this past year. I've learned to love my body and appreciate what it's done for me. Report
I really did not find this article helpful at all. I am already eating healthily, just too much, I guess, because I am not losing any weight. I already do some exercise, but obviously not enough. If I count calories, I do go long stretches feeling hungry--and almost crazed for my "fix." I am sure it is better than not doing what I am doing, but I am not really too happy about the situation. Report
Seen as a new permanent structure we're hammering into place with every activity, this weight-and-fitness lifestyle really does become a joy - rather than a burden. Great article! Report
MSOASIS, you are so right. Give people the benefit of the doubt, and magic can happen! Absolutist and beat-the-clock thinking rarely resulted in deep and radical changes ... Report
I loved this article and Spark.. People are starting to notice that I have lost weight and the first thing they ask are you dieting or what diet are you on..
They look at me very strange when I say;

" NO, I'm not on a diet... But I am eating less and doing more..

And that is why I love spark..That simple sentence has helped me achieve so much...
and I learnt it from the spark community and of course the spark guy who has given us all the opportunity to live healthier and fitter lives.

Thank you so much for the terrific article. :-) Spark People has changed my life, and continues to do so! Report
Recently, I read an article that talked about how a little slip up adds pounds over the year! What a bummer! I like the approach of this article because healthy living is the main goal. Report
Oooops! meant to leave this comment for the "Dressing to Loose" Article...but, yes, this is a way of life not the "dreaded" DIEt! Report
Reading this was good!! So many times I look at the the places that I hate instead of accenting my good points! I have great arms and a tiny waist! Report
Thank you for the encouraging words! I've been focused on everything I "can't" have and feeling kind of down this week instead of focusing on feeling better and healthier. I want to rush to my weight goals and it's not happening and I need to take a breath, relax and realize everything I do, no matter how small, is getting me there...the right way! Report

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