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Dieting with a Positive Twist

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The deprivation associated with dieting was a road block. Now I look forward to exploring new healthier foods and ways to move my body! Report
Since changed my eating habits, eating 3 meals and snack, started walking, and started going to curves , I can already feel the changes in my body. It is not dieting it is living heathly, and I enjoy it. Report
This article is what I ve always felt about diets they don't work! A healthy eating plan is what works. Love it! Report
I totally agree. I've discovered that I love eating healthy and knowing what’s in my food. I love planning the day using the tracker and playing “what if I eat this and not that?” I love my food scale and improving my ability to estimate weight and portions, and I still love to read about everyone else’s successes.

I only wish that I had discovered all this 30 years ago. Report
My Be Healthy light bulb turned on and it feels great. I added healthy food choices that I enjoy and that I can stick with for the rest of my life. Exercise for me is not a chore since I pick activities I enjoy. The pounds are melting off and it feels wonderful to have more energy. Report
Since the most recent comment on this article is getting close to a year old - and was here before I even discovered Spark People, it seemed like the right time to make a new note.

Everyone who wrote about NOT being restricted completely must have known that I needed to understand there are others who have had there "Lifestyle Change, Not Diet" light turned on!! There are days when I find it so unimagineable that I have lived all of these years and had no clue of that concept. But I'm here to tell you, as Maya Angelou (loosely) said - " I did the best I could with what I knew, but when I learned better, I did better " It's a relief to know better and to be doing better.

Thanks to ALL you Sparkers for such an outstanding path to follow! Report
Sometimes people can be so negative, and it's contagious! When I hear people around me start in on the negativity, I just say, "I'm sorry I can't be a part of this conversation." I did that at work a few weeks ago and people seemed shocked. I simply told them that I didn't want to be negative that day, so I walked away. They respected that. And they seemed to want to be more positive after that too! Report
I agree wholeheartedly. For me accentuating the positive is key. Report
Getting healthy and losing weight is a wonderful gift only I can give myself! Every pound lost is proof positive that I'm learning to love 'me', and is helping to erase the old defeating messages that have played in my head for years ('you're ugly', 'you can't do it', 'you're unlovable', 'you're pathetic', 'loser!', etc.). Thanks Chris, for reminding me today of all the positive reasons why I'm doing this. I've lost over 50 pounds so far and am now almost completely pain free - a dramatic turn around. When I look in the mirror (something I used to avoid doing), I like what I'm seeing. I like the way my muscles are toning and the way my clothes fit now. I can say I love myself and mean it, humbly. With confidence I can say, "I CAN do it!" because I've already achieved things I didn't think possible less than a year ago. Every day I struggle to eat like I should and it does not come easy for me to exercise. I mess up now and then, but I continue the journey because it is so worth it. The positives far outweigh the negatives. Thank you for the reminder. Report
DIET is a four letter word; it has been changed to EATING SMART and EXERCISE has been changed to MOVING for me. Report
This is surely a better way to approach the changes to a healthier life style. Report
Thanks Chris.
It is a lfestyle change - not diet. Report
This is SOOOO TRUE!!! SparkPeople has made me realize that I can periodically plan and work ANYTHING into my "diet." I couldn't be happier about this because in the past, a "diet" would never have included a sinful dessert. Since I unfortunately do have a huge sweet tooth, the simple thought of never being able to eat a chocolate brownie again was always just enough to make me want THREE OF THEM!!! Now, if I want a brownie, every now and then I have a brownie ...... AND TOTALLY ENJOY EVERY BITE OF IT WITHOUT GUILT!!!!!! Of course, it's a modified recipe; but, it's still delicious and I can track it! Years ago, I promise there would not have been even a hint of applesauce in any bite!!!! Meanwhile, I've learned to love fruit in between brownie splurges!!! IT WORKS FOR ME!!!! EXPERIMENT TO FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!!!! Report
Working on why its become a Chore for me now to stay Physically Active? Diet isn't a word I like to hear or use- it is a Life Style Choice:) Report
Lately people have been asking me "What diet are you on". They don't believe me, when I say that it is not really a diet but I have changed my eating habits by making small changes a little at a time and exercising. They tend to act like I'm holding out. I even mention how much Spark has helped me. I must say that it feels good to say that I have made the changes and not some fad. I am loosing and not starving, infact I am eating right now (yogurt with granola, a few almonds and a banana). Report

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