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The Power of Gratitude

4 Ways to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude


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I have learned to live in/with an attitude of gratitude always!!!


- Nancy Jean -
GA Report
Ah yes! Develop an attitude of gratitude! Report
I am an obnoxiously upbeat kind of person. But it has served me well and it’s just naturally who I am. I wake up every single day grateful for another day. Yes, I’ve had my share of challenges to go through in life, but I’m convinced joy has carried me through them quicker than negativity would have. Thanks for a great article! Report
I'm grateful for my family and our health.

I really like this article and agree with everything except the statement, "When you hear a friend moaning and complaining, challenge him or her to find the hidden opportunity or silver lining to the situation." When someone is going through a difficult situation, I don't think they appreciate being told to find the silver lining.
I am grateful for my husband who is always ready to stand up for me.
I am grateful for my son who is ready and willing to help doing things around the house.
I am grateful for SparkPeople. They help me to keep on track. Report
I feel every day above ground is a good day. Grateful for life, love and laughter. Report
Counting your blessings is just as easy as counting afflictions! Report
Wonderful reminder to count our blessings Report
Each day I find a way to express my gratitude because there is something each day to be thankful for. Report
something I need to work on Report
Thank you Report
Thanks Report
Thank you for sharing. Report
Anytime I see a post about being grateful or thankful, I read it. Report
Every time I hear the daily news I am so grateful to be living the life I am. I am especially grateful to be soon celebrating 63 years married to my DH. Report

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