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Are You Cheating Yourself by Choosing the Treadmill?

What's Better: the Treadmill or the Open Road?


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Good reminders. Report
Great information. Report
thanks Report
There can be variety on the treadmill if you but use your imagination Report
thanks Report
starting slow and all over again on sparkpeople...treadmill is my go to and using bands and hand weights for muscles in shoulders and arms.. Report
I have a treadmill at my place and from time to time use it. Basically today am starting to use the treadmill more duo to mental health issues and most times when I am outside waking pass people I feel like they talking/saying negative stuff about me. So now am using the treadmill when I don't feel like going out duo to I feel like people are judging or want to say some negative stuff when I pass them. Me personally each person have there own favorite weather or not if they are out doors walking and/or running or in doors on a treadmill walking and/or running on treadmill. Report
I don't run - I walk. I prefer outdoors but sometimes the weather is such that it becomes intolerable. So I joined a Gym and now use the treadmill for variety.

Plus, most of my outside walking is tethered to a Boston Terrier, which makes it challenging to hold my pace. Again, sometimes a treadmill really is handier. And I don't yell at the dog, lol, for stopping. Report
Thanks Report
Love my treadmill especially when it's 40 below with the windchill. I use my treadmill as a warmup but I am not a runner. Report
Awesome...thanks... Report
"It can be boring (and a little odd) to put in all that work but not really go anywhere." This statement struck me as odd. Unless the "jogger/runner" is running to work or someplace specific, they aren't really going anywhere either as they end up at the same place they started.

As I stated in an earlier post, anything is better than nothing . Why potentially belittle someone for deciding using a treadmill is what works for them??!? Report
Not a runner but a walker and I like both. For me, I seem to get a better workout in the gym with the treadmill. Outside is sometimes better for my soul as I get to enjoy and take in nature.

It doesn't have to be one or the other. Report
I have asthma and running is hard on either way. But being inside at a gym. I know if I run into trouble. There someone to help me Report

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