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9 Simple Tricks to Cut Calories, But Not Satisfaction


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Eat what tastes good. Don't substitute bad flavors or poor mouth feel just to cut calories. Report
Thank you! Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report
Thanks ..some great tips Report
Great action tips! Report
I have found I do best with breakfast, lunch around 2 or 3pm and then only tea or apple in the evening. Report
I track my food every day. Since retirement my husband and I don't eat a lot. I eat breakfast every morning. Lunch is hard for me I try to eat something though like fruit and or yogurt. I have my biggest meal at dinner. But I'm not getting in a lot of calories. I have to be on a low sodium diet, so I really have to watch it. Report
Good suggestions. Thanks Report
Already know & use some of these. Newer research supports skipping breakfast. Also depends on what diet you follow. I say fo what works for you. Portion control by measuring for accurate tracking tho is key. Report
I have tried to write down what I eat daily. but after awhile the book begins to be in the way. like clutter . on the couch, on the table lost at the time. I need to find a spot that the book is not in the way. the diet food counter we have here in not an easy thing for my brain to make work. even though I would love to make it work . for some reason or other it will not record what I want to put. wrong things are not being able to add and to take off what I made a mistake makes me want to stop the action altogether. the article is very good I enjoyed reading it . it's not you it's me. Report
Thanks Report
Generally Dearly Beloved and I share an entrée when we go out. Report
Thanks Report
I actually found that skipping breakfast maintained my weight. When I ate it I was putting on. There is also a school of thought that fasting is good see Michael
Moseley's thoughts on this. Report

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