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A Beginner's Guide to the Farmers Market


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Great Article
We are going to one tomorrow thanks for the tips Report
Great article! Report
Thanks, good need-to-know information! Report
Thanks. Report
Farmers markets are the best. I very much appreciate being able to get garden fresh veggies 😀. I also like supporting locally win/win Report
I shop the farmers market nearly all year. You get the best veggies and fruit. You also support the hard working farmer Report
We have a true farmers market with all locally grown produce and it is fun to go to and buy from local people that you know. Report
This is an old article. Farmers Markets have changed since that article was written. Instead of nice fresh foods, our markets here began selling lots of kitschy crafts and artsy products, and some major Farmers Markets have closed. Seems the ones still open are catering to the Hipsters who can afford the higher prices. It is a shame... Report
thanks Report
So much of our produce is now shipped in from central and south America and Mexico even though we grow the same foods here in the USA as our produse is shipped around the world for other countries to eat... the produce we get in from other countries has pesticides that have been banned here in the USA as well as being picked green for transportation in non refrigerated train cars. The produce in the farmers market is local grown, picked when ripe, has legal pesticides or organicand therefore tastes better than the in store varieties. The farmers market people have overhead too... maybe not as much as the major stores do but don't forget that they too have costs associated with transportation, table costs, etc Report
thanks Report
Farmers markets used to be cheaper years ago, but now seem to be inflated , and frankly, the taste is not really better on what they sell. At least not here in TX. Report
thanks Report
I am excited to check out a local farmers market near me. I assumed the produce would cost more than the big box chains. I would prefer fresher produce though! Thanks! Report

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