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Portable Snacking Tips and Ideas

Remember the 'Healthy' with the 'To-Go'


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I never have to eat on the go but some good ideas. I eat celery without anything on it. Report
Thank You for a great article............ Report
Some great ideas Report
thanks Report
healthy snacks. Report
Very seldom eat on the go. But if I do I stick with fresh fruits and/or veggies Report
interesting article Report
Good article. Report
Thank you for good suggestions. Report
I really DON'T eat on the run, but I can see how it's an easy habit to get into. My husband and stepson can't stop for gas without also grabbing a sugary beverage and some sort of fast food -- even if we JUST left the house! Sometimes, they'll stop for snacks even if they DON'T need gas. Then it gets hard for me to stick to my goals: I find myself getting "the munchies" just because THEY'RE eating, not because I'm hungry. Report
Working on adding more fiber to snacks list. Report
Thanks for the article. Report
great article Report
I am going to keep this list by my grocery list so I have variety in my snacks. Report

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