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Portable Snacking Tips and Ideas

Remember the 'Healthy' with the 'To-Go'


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Wheat Thins are fairly low-call, good for you, and have that snappy crunch and salty taste that satisfies; a zip snack bag of 'em holds up pretty well in your purse, too! Report
I'm posting this on my refrigerator door. What healthy ideas for eating on the go. With two college kids and a busy husband I know these Ideas will be used a lot. Thank You for posting this article DonnaTMann~ Report
portion control frees me from thinking that I can never have a favorite food again, no bad foods but better choices Report
Great list, I just added some more items to my grocery list! Report
Very informative. This article provided a good list ot healthy snacks that can ward off the vending machine and all those useless calories! Report
Awesome article. So many times I've sat down to make a list like this - and come up more than short, or with things that I just wouldn't eat on the list. THANK YOU! This list is great. I will be using more than a few of these. Report
This areticle was awesome. I hve been looking for some good snacks and the list that was in the article shure gives me a lot of good choices. Thank You for writing the article. Report
These are some great ideas, I am trying to find non-refrigeration snacks I can shove in my desk at work. With a lot of raw foods, nuts and popcorn out, I am at a loss for suitable, filling , non-caloric snacks. The choice does seem to be limited. Report

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