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5 Shortcuts to Sculpt Your Body Fast

Work Out Smarter, Not Harder!


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The 2-4 count and supersets are new ideas for me and I can't wait to try them. Thanks, Jason! Report
Awesome article!!!! Full of gold nugget info :) Report
Loved the articles do all the stuff myself- most people looking at my before photos will agree.. There is much more behind the scenes to learn- also supersetting can be done at any stage- it is again about tumbling weight we can keep form correct at..

I do heavy sets and drop sets- people look at me and wonder- I look at before and efter photos.. I see change all the time.. Report
There's a couple things that don't seem right here.
You should lift weights fast, and lower slowly.
Supersets should be reserved for advanced training only.
For a beginner/intermediate person lifting wieghts, one set per muscle group is enough.
Doing more than this could lead to injury or reduced results Report
turning up my music to something really loud and fast paced helps me a lot when doing weights, didnt know aboutt he 2-4 count, i knew it was supposed to an even paced so u didnt strain ur muscles, but that clears it up! Report
That was so useful - and inspirational! Never really utilized the 2-4 but will be doing that now. Thanks! Report
I can still hear my old college Nautilus instructor counting, "1-2 pause, 1-2-3-4." Quite the memory, I can assure you. Great tips, as always! Report
The 2-4 will really help to reach failure within a few minutes, and will probably be amplified by doing supersets back to back. For anyone confused, apply the 2-4 to ANY weight training. Super doesn't necessarily mean fast. Report
I wish I could get my husband to read this article! His "strength training exercises" consist of whipping dumbbells up and down so fast it's like he's just flailing his empty hands around. And if he sits down on one of the gym machines, he'll do one "set" of about 80 reps and then can't understand why he's not seeing any changes (and why he's in pain). But of course, I can't say anything, because then I'm "making fun of him"...sigh. Oh well, at least MY arms are getting toned! lol Report
I got a bit confused. When you do the supersets, do you still go slow (if lifting weights are involved), or do you do each exercise as fast as you can, then move to the next? These all sound like logical helps and I want to make sure I'm doing them correctly. Report
Strength training is for gaining strength. To gain muscle strength you need to work muscle groups to temporary failure. Supersets are one way to do that, progressing loading (increasing the weight) is another. Resting 2-3 minutes between sets is not. Report
"Switch to supersets for super gains"

Gain what exactly? Strength, size, endurance, vascularity? This is vague. My strength training goal is increased strength, so I need a good 2-3 mins between sets to maximize my output (and therefore my strength gains). Report
Great article. Report
This was great...especially the related topics in the article about eating before and after workouts...I had always wondered about that but wasnt sure where or how to ask about that! Now I feel a little more motivated to just do well instead of stressing over not getting everything perfect when I finally get going and totally screwing things up!

I am more excited about exercising today becuase I know more about eating before and after and the 2-4 ratio!

WOO-HOO! Report
Great, I do all of the above, and by keeping everthing fresh, I haven't hit a plateau. Report

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