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How to Tell Others About Your Weight-Loss Goals

Get Support Where You Need it Most


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Good advice! Thank you! Report
Awesome...thanks! Report
Good info, but I still have a hard time sharing. Report
Good article. Thank you. Report
I stopped talking about my lifestyle change with friends and family as one person suggested that I was obsessed with weight loss. I have had a close friend ask me to help her but, the reality is that on this journey, one has to help themselves.
I can encourage others but the journey must be a personal one. my opinion. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I have a 10 to 15 pound problem and am handling it my way. My husband knows, and sometimes sabotages ny eggirts out if mistaken kindness. He is a foodie and loves to provide. It’s ok, I get it, and he’s a keeper. Others do not matter to me as far as food goes ... everyone I know has food issue. I track food here, and when I don’t , it shows. Small changes work. Exercise is essential. I don’t want someone watching over me. I remember shopping for groceries and one person in
My fitness class made comments on items I bought for my kids. Not helpful at all but I baked cookies for them rather than suffer her scrutiny. Report
Thanks for sharing. Great points to keep from being a weight loss pain in the neck Report
Thank you. Report
thank you Report
Gotta do the hard work Report
Thanks! Report
Thanks for a great article! :) Report
Thank you for good suggestions. Report
I only share when I'm asked as some people are quite sensitive about their weight. My sister's ankles were swollen after we walked for a bit and one of the brainstorming questions was, if it was due to her weight. I even mentioned about her salt intake first. I wasn't meaning to be insensitive as I've been there as well. Report

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