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Natural Methods for Deterring Garden Pests

Bugs, Bugs, Go Away


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c­a­r­e­e­r­3­1­.­c­o­m Report
Very timely! Report
Thank you for this excellent article. Good need-to-know information. I use eggs shells all the time, but didn't know they were used for slugs also! Report
Diatomaceous earth is pretty inexpensive and can be found in some farm supply, feed and some garden supply stores. It can be sprinkled periodically on and around plants. It is non toxic. It will deter slugs, snails, ants, aphids and other things. Using it allow me to get strawberries, mini tomatoes and basil harvests. I also like growing marigolds and a few plants insects don't like in the pots with my garden stock. Diatomaceous earth can also be sprinkled in pet resting and activity areas to help control fleas. Report
Thanks was looking for a more natural way to get rid of pest instead of using those toxic chemicals Report
Very helpful article! Beneficials help the garden so much and do well to keep the pests at bay! I really like the idea of the dog fur around the plants. Thanks,JACFRANK, I will try it! Report
Thanks sharing these ideas to daunt garden pest. Sometimes it is an serious issue, so at time you can take help from exterminator, who can inspect your garden and home effectively. Report
One thing that works miracles at keeping out rabbits, squirrels, etc. is getting dirty dog fur (any grooming shop will happily give you plenty...or brush your hairy dog) and placing it among the plants. I usually tuck it under leaves and rocks in the garden.

Because it smells like a domestic dog (predator and human smells), all wild animals shy away from it. It's natural, doesn't kill anything, lasts all year and is super easy to do. It really has worked wonders, and I have yet to see another furry critter in the garden (doing this yearly for 5 years now)! Report
While this contains a lot of good information, in my experience, chives are very prone to aphids. I have to replant every year, because they are always killed by the aphid infestation. Report
How do I keep the raccoons and deer out of the garden --- organically ? Report
Its a good idea, any way everyone who need help whit pest in Baltimore visit Report
Very useful information. Thank you. Report
Thank you for alternatives to chemiicals and toxins. Report
Thanks.....I will gear up for another planting season..!! Report
thanks for this useful article! Report

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