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Is Weight Loss Hurting Your Relationship?

The Real Issues and How to Address Them


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Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Thanks Report
We should be very aware of these signs and what to do. Report
thanks Report
Good article Report
Not to mention the extra time and stress associated with meal planning/prep and exercise Report
Thankfully my partner is very supportive and has loved me at every weight. My mother on the other hand will go out of her way to sabotage my efforts. Report
Actually it has improved mine. My DH has been very supportive. Report
Just ignore them like you would any other person in your life exhibiting these behaviors. They are grown adults and can make their own choices - if they make the wrong choices, they will bear the consequences Report
the article was quite interesting. Some of the comments though....! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
With my ex, whether I lost or gained weight, I was in the wrong. So I left him and the weight started to fall off... Now with my lovely very husband of 6 years, he wants us both to be happy and healthy, so we’re both losing weight! Report
Definitely interesting. It really does change relationships (If you let it.) Report
I thought this was a very, very good article, full of helpful information and insight. I didn't appreciate the negative viewpoints about it, since it covered many scenarios, and covered them well. Thank you! Report

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