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50 Easy Ways to Cut 100 Calories

Lose Weight By Making Small Changes


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Thanks Report
Thanks Report
Good ideas. Thanks Report
Great suggestions Report
Wow! That was amazing information! Thank you! Report
Thanks for the information! Report
nice suggestions Report
great info, thanks Report
I agree that it is a good idea to make swaps. However, some of the swaps mentioned above are not healthy (ultra processed foods). Report
It's part of getting used to smaller portions, or at least components of portions. Report
Great concept of doing the swaps I’ve done this as well. My biggest swap has been to dump as much processed food and do as much whole and homemade as I can. So I must cook. Cook in batches and prepare or pre-cook and freeze.

Whenever I stopped doing this my weight loss went off the rails and because of the content of sodium and sugar in processed foods I’d gain weight and become very bloated with inflamed joints. So I learned the very hard way do the swaps but use whole food and reduce hidden sugar as much as I can. I make my own season mixes to control sodium and other unwanted additives found in commercial mixes. I limit canned/jarred goods to beans, tomatoes, enchilada sauce & pasta sauces with lowest sodium content and minimal ingredients. Can actually do pretty well getting items from Aldi.

Unfortunately my swaps mean limited portions of bread, rice & pasta. Some of my swaps:

For all meals, double the veggies, control portion size of my lean protein, reduce the carbs. Instead of a sweet ending use fresh fruit.
Coffee, use whole, 2% milk, fr half & half rather than full fat cream or half and half.
For pizza, cauliflower crust and roasted veggies but since my DH & I like meat on pizza use turkey pepperoni use or italian turkey sausage. Also use very thin whole wheat crust with same toppings. Limit the cheese as much as I can or plan my daily meals around having pizza for dinner.

I love jambalaya and just cannot give it up. Portion control, steamed veggies, and a big green salad are key for this meal. I make jambalaya (no tomatoes) from scratch and use the homemade creole seasoning from wwwdotgumbopagesdotcom & Dee gautreaux’s award winning jambalaya recipe from same website. I modified it to reduce fat & add brown over white rice. But it’s boneless skinless chicken thighs seasoned with creole seasoning, shrimp, double the trinity, low sodium chicken broth, brown rice, fresh garlic, and maybe a small portion (5oz) of andouille sausage for the smoke flavor & a little heat. Sausage should be browned and blotted before adding to pan to reduce the fat content. OH!!! I don’t add the cayenne to my creole seasoning because I don’t want the extra heat. Adding heat through the andouille is enough for me. But even without the andouille the creole seasoning is flavorful.

Homemade chipotle style burrito bowls with double the fresh veggies (tomato, avocado, lots of greens), black beans, corn (very small portion), and roasted chicken in enchilada sauce, onion, garlic & cilantro (3 - 4 Oz portion). The sauced chicken is used to reduced the need or reduce the portions used for sour cream and cheese. Also don’t add rice, focus on veggies and beans.

Unsweetened fresh brewed white tea or lemon or lime water for soda. Yes it takes getting used to but over time I’ve found that regular or diet varieties I don’t like.

I use a lot of roasted chicken breast. So I make batches of it using Ina Garten’s recipe and freeze them so I always have on hand. I do use bone-in skin on breasts because they have a bit more flavor and cook with less drying out than the boneless variety.

When sautéing trinity (onion, pepper, celery) or any veggies, use nonstick pan, minimal oil to begin process then add water and a cover to steam rather than sauté. Saves lots of calories and since oil is present I still get the mouth feel & flavor it adds. Report
Great ideas Report

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