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Glossary of Fitness Terms

Basic Definitions for Exercise Words and Phrases


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Great Article! Thanks! Report
Great Report
Thank you. Report
Thank you! Report
very helpful - thanks Report
Love to be able to look up some of the words/phrases that I keep coming across. Thanks!
Good list, thanks. Report
Appreciated Report
I got my husband and I Trikkes (3 wheeled cambering machines - we have T8airs) for our 9th anniversaryand we Trikke 8 - 11 miles a day (in an hour to an hour and a half) along a river greenway. We love it and it is such a good workout and such fun! The calorie count is about the same as running but no impact. Report
For me working out is usually fun no matter what. I love taking long walks and seeing new scenes. It is even more fun if it is with someone so you can talk while you are walking. But my all time best hike ever was at an African game park. My sister, mom, and me spent 3 days at an African game park where you could take any trail you wanted to and see tons of animals. We went hiking 2 different times for about an hour each time. It was awesome to see all those animals up close and personal. Report
I walked on the Great Wall and a lot of other places in China and i guess that and Trekking in Nepal were both the most fun I ever had. Report
strength training with my sister who also happens to be my besti. shout out to krystle702!! Report
Well, I fell in love with my boxing personal trainer, so that was always fun. We still have a lot of fun exercising together. My favorite is when we do sprints. He takes off and leaves me laughing. Report
Having my kids work-out with me! Report

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