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4/14/11 1:51 P

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First of all, I'm so sorry for the struggle you went through, Kitty! Glad you caught it early.

I recently had a six-month bleeding episode, which was what finally confirmed my PCOS. I had an ultrasound and everything looked pretty normal, according to the doctor. I'm going to get six-month follow-ups just to be sure. I think ultrasounds are a good idea anytime there's really abnormal bleeding.

I didn't want to go on the birth control pill because I don't have to worry about contraception in my relationship, and also because I'm trying to make myself MORE fertile, not less. I also don't want to just mask my symptoms; I want to know how my PCOS is progressing. So I'm losing weight (obviously) and also using cyclic progesterone treatment which should hopefully help jump-start my own cycle. Bleeding constantly is just not an option! It's starting to work; last month I had 14 days "off" which is a big improvement. ;)

I also got blood tests to make sure I wasn't deficient (and to help track the PCOS) and learned I needed B12. In my last test, since taking B12 pills for months, I was okay again.

Good luck! You're not alone. Update us with your results once you have your tests.

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3/30/11 1:45 P

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I had a period that lasted for close to 9 months. It was pretty light and spotty, and I kept putting off going to the doctor. It turned out to be just a weird PCOS thing, but I also had pretty severe anemia after all that time.
Because of hypertension, I can't take BCPs, so the doctor put me on Provera ten days a month. This induces a normal period, exactly five days, exactly on time, and then it stops. Love it!
Unfortunatly, it also causes nasty nasty PMS symptoms for me, which I never had to deal with before. But I guess it's a fair trade off.
Good luck!

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3/1/11 11:21 A

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Have the ultrasound and possibly the biopsy. Neither are hard to do, and well worth the piece of mind. I attempted both this year, but the biopsy couldn't be done (Extremely tilted uterus). Us PCOS girls always have to be a little more vigilant in our reproductive health care because of the lack of period regularity.

You should think seriously about doing something to regulate your cycle, for sure. You should not go months without a period, it's just not healthy.

Most likely it is nothing, but always better to make a preemptive strike

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11/20/10 1:05 A

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It's always a possibility that it could be cancer but it doesn't sound like my experience.

I had irregular, VERY heavy and long periods for probably 20 years. I was told I had fibroids. I asked the doctor when I first read about PCOS if I had it, 20 years ago and he said OH sure, like it was no big deal. At one point I had such heavy periods that I thought I had cancer but My hubby heard on TV about using Cayenne capsules for heavy bleeding and I tried that and the "periods" went back to manageable. The doctor told me they weren't real periods because they would be spotting or less for a couple months then gushers of clots. he said I was building up for months on end and then when my body could no long support the weight of the blood it would break loose in a "period" like episode.

After a while I had a year or two with just spotting every six months or so, then I started spotting and it didn't go away, then it got closer and heavier til I had such heavy bleeding I couldn't leave the house without knowing where the bathroom was at every stop so i could change my pads. I was getting weak, tired, foggy thinking, unable to plan a budget or pay a bill, just laying all day Finally I Bargained with God that If I could make it to my reunion and back I would make the appt with the doctor.

and of course it was cancer, but they took out my uterus and that cancer was only a third of the way through the wall of the uterus, and only the size of a pinhead. must have been right into a blood vessel.

I was lucky, most uterine cancers are recognizable by the heavy bleeding and people go to the doctor just to have it stop, but not all I guess. an old acquaintance from our old church died of uterine cancer from all I heard.

Go to the doctor. if it's cancer, its one of the most treatable, and least threatening cancers you could get. if it's not, you'll have that load off your mind.

If it turns out to be cancer, you can private message me to talk or get my take on how to go about searching for the best cancer doc in your area, and some good online groups for support. either way, it's best not to be an ostrich, it doesn't always pay like you'd hope. LOL

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11/19/10 7:29 A

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I have had irregular periods all of my life, but once I started progesterone cream 3 years ago, my periods regulated completely and I was able to get pregnant at 35 (2 years ago). I just found out yesterday that I am 5 weeks pregnant with my second child (at 37) and I think the progesterone really helped me! :)

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11/19/10 2:35 A

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I had a 4 month long period. Went up to a year without having periods, to only having them every 3-4 months. Then it was the never ending flow for 5 months when BCP finally controlled. Most likely, you will be put on birth control to regulate. You should definitely have a pap smear done. And maybe a pelvic ultrasound. My Dr. seemed to think it might have been a fibroid or something of that nature. But DEFINITELY get checked out. Anemia is a big concern.

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11/19/10 12:11 A

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I had irregular periods my entire life. I would skip months at a time then have a 3- week period. I was diagnosed with PCOS about four or five years ago and when I started taking my medicine (metformin & sprionolactone) my periods started to even out. Then about a year ago I started having periods every 2 weeks! I finally couldn't take it anymore and had an IUD (Inter Uterine Device) put in and my periods have again come more regurlarly and they get lighter and lighter.
It is important to see your doctor and be very honest with them. I know talking about female issues may not be the most comfortable thing to talk about but leave the embarrassment at home, this is your health and life.
As far as being the big C, I wouldn't worry about it too much unless you have other symptoms that make you lean towards that or if you have a vast family history of it.
Good luck, let us know how it goes.

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11/18/10 4:49 P

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I started noticing the irregularity of my periods a few months ago.. and my period is usually delayed for anything between 3 days to 15 days. But in the past few days, since i've been diagnosed with pcos.. i've been doing a lot of reading.. and apparently its very normal to have 'super irregular' periods which are scanty and sometimes appear only as spots. However it wont be a bad idea to get a pap smear done.
All the best.

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11/18/10 4:26 P

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So I used to have super irregular periods, like at one point once or twice a year. About a year ago my period came and it stayed for a long time ... it would waver a little between heavy and light, but it was basically there for more than 6 months. I started eating better and exercising more, and now there are days when it's gone, but it seems more days than not there's a little spotting etc.

I know I need to go to the doctor to get checked, and there's a lot of good information I've already read in the team ... but have others had similar symptoms? And does this strongly indicate I might have cancer???

I just want to be prepared for my doctor's appointment, and know what other people have experienced. I'm a little bit freaking out right now.

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