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3/16/14 10:41 A

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Ah, POPEYE, I'm the same way about Starbucks as your kids. Love the place. For a wonderful hot drink for diabetics and weight loss, there's cinnamon tea. Boil water and pour it over a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon. The recipe I took this from says to use Ceylon cinnamon but honestly, I like Vietnamese cinnamon better.

Cover the cup and let everything steep for 3-5 minutes. Then add a teaspoon of raw honey and drink. Lovely!!

Stacy, KS

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3/16/14 1:06 A

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I knew there would be folks who can't drink coffee. I wonder if decaf would work. I can't see why not.

Anyway, I loved your description of your son & daughter-in-law's addiction. I'm not quite that bad :)

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3/16/14 12:20 A

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Sounds like it makes an interesting concoction, however I can OD on 2 cups of real coffee - even if I modify it with 2 Tbl of Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee-Mate and two packets of the Yellow packet sweetener.

I have a physiological response in that my heart starts to beat erratically and kicks in my installed combination AICD (Automatic Implanted Cardio Defibrillator) and Pacemaker.The Pacemaker kicks in first if I start having runs of more than eight (8) beats over 140. If it can't pace me down, the Implanted Defib kicks in and kicks me in the heart to re-adjust it's rhythm.

If that doesn't work, it puts a blat of electricity twice as strong as the first (I've been told that it feels like you have been kicked in the chest by a mule). If that doesn't work, the device sends out an alarm that can be heard outside my body and means that I need to get to an ER damfast.

Needless to say, I stay away from regular coffee and Diet Mountain Dew.

I'll pass this recipe on to my oldest son and daughter-in-law. They have an Espresso machine, a two cup Keurig (?) and a regular Mr. Coffee at home.

The are extraordinarily easy to by gifts for - a fifty dollar gift card to Starbucks causes their eyes to glaze over, a little drool to pool at the edge of their mouths and a noticeable twitch and movement towards the front door of their house. The closest Starbucks to their house is only about a mile away. A bag of their two favorite grind at home coffee beans has a very similar effect.

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3/15/14 1:11 P

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I know that Spark People is all about health, and for some people drinking coffee is not compatible with being healthy. I also know that a lot of writers, including me, depend on caffeine to get them through writing sessions. In honor of those people, I'd like to offer a neat recipe I found that stops me from drinking quite so much Diet Pepsi ... which, to me, is a greater evil than coffee.


You will need:

time (overnight or, better, 12 hours)
good water (room temp / tepid, not ice-cold or hot; my tap water has been working fine)
coarse-ground coffee (grind it on the coarsest available setting at the grocery store – that’s as far away from ‘Turkish” or espresso as possible; we’ll talk about amounts in a minute)
two pitchers (or other glass containers)
a fine sieve or a strainer lined with cheesecloth

The “recipe”:

You will use 1 part coffee to every 4.5 parts water. That means:

for 8 cups of water use 1 and 1/2 cups of grounds
for 6 cups of water use 1 and 1/3 cups of grounds
Step 1: Stir the appropriate amount of coffee grounds into the appropriate amount of water.
Step 2: Refrigerate overnight or, even better, for 12 hours.
Step 3: Strain the grounds from the water by passing it through the sieve, between the pitchers, 2-3 times.*
Step 4: Store coffee concentrate in fridge. (I have no idea how long it will keep, because I always drink it all within 3-5 days.)

*Things to know about the straining process:

It’s easiest to scoop the floating layer of grounds off the top of the coffee to start. Just try not to get too much liquid.
You may need to discard grounds out of the sieve several times during the first straining.
Don’t press on the grounds to get more concentrate, it will get bitter.
Lots of grounds may stay in the first pitcher after you’ve poured all the water away. Just discard them and rinse pitcher.
After the first straining there won’t be many grounds in the sieve BUT a little residue of denser solution will have settled at the bottom of the pitcher. Discard these dregs with each straining.

To prepare a glass of iced coffee, using concentrate:

Again with the ratios:
use 1 part concentrate to 3-4 parts fresh, cold water. Adjust ratio to taste.

So, for example, try:
1/3 cup concentrate
a little splash of heavy cream
1 cup water
ice to fill the glass

I don’t like any sweetener in my coffee, but if you do, be aware that sugar is unlikely to dissolve well in a cold solution. The easy answer is to invest in a bottle of your favorite coffee flavoring. (As a special treat, I use a little Bailey's Irish cream instead of the cream. It's not low cal, but it's tastly - and you only need a touch to get the flavor.)


This is easy, once you get the hang of it, and it allows you to have as much or as little coffee as you like without making a big mess every time you want a glass. Because it's not heat-brewed, it's very smooth.

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