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5/23/16 9:32 A

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Two words: greek yogurt! emoticon

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5/19/16 9:16 A

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Just want to throw in my own caution about eating vegetarian. I was a vegetarian for about 10 years. In addition to all the great vegetables and fruits, I found myself eating more beans and rice. The beans and rice added to many carbs and tipped me into active diabetes. I had to consume protein without carbs to get my diabetes to go away. There's not too many proteins that fit that category. Tofu and whey protein.

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12/18/14 1:29 P

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Actually, the fact that you are a vegetarian is extremely helpful to you when taking low-carbs into consideration. A word of advice though: you will need still need carbs! I'm not saying an all-out cheat day, but complex carbs do have their place.

My go-to foods: avocado and almonds (healthy fats), romaine lettuce, greenleaf lettuce, readleaflettuce, broccoli, sweet potatoes (good for carbs with a lower glycemic index), brown rice. Beans are wonderful as protein and fiber sources. Carrots, bananas, melons, and apples are great to fill you up and give you carbs for energy, but stay away from the more sugary fruits like oranges, pineapples, and berries.

Supplementation: BCAAs (which are often included in many protein powders), Whey protein isolate, and Casein (slow-digesting, very awesome to have on hand). Do you take a multivitamin? If you don't, then start! I wasn't a believer at first, but it does help. Be sure to also get plenty of calcium with vitamin D.

Don't think of the word DIET as a temporary thing. Use the mantra "Food is Fuel" and what once was a diet becomes but one piece of your lifestyle that helps to sustain your day to day movements.

Have your lunch prepared the night before (I have a salad everyday), and dinner on your mind before you head home. Try to know what you're going to eat before you eat it, and mix it up. Just as foods are varied, so can your meals be varied. Your plate is a canvas to paint with color. You have creative freedom with endless nutritional (and natural) ingredients, have fun with it!

One last bit about breakfast. #1 Whey Protein/Casein Protein (1/2 and 1/2). #2 Almond milk. #3 Shake it up. #4 Drink it in the car on the way to work. If you need something else, have an apple or pear, or other piece of fruit containing fiber. If you need to snack, that's what almonds, celery, granola, peanut butter (you get the idea) are for.

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7/20/13 11:29 A

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This article might help you, it's a compilation of protein packed meal plans for vegetarians.

Keep in mind you really only need .5-.8g per pound of body weight or 1g per pound of lean mass.

Carbs will help you to fuel your workouts. It's about choosing healthier carb options and limiting your intake of refined carbs/sugars. Veg, fruit, legumes/lentils (a definite must for a vegetarian builder because they contain lots of protein), whole grains (will have more protein than refined). Although I have seen low-carb people do fine without them. I'm personally a moderate carb, moderate fat, moderate protein person.

If you plan on building muscle while burning fat, you are going to have to eat enough. No extreme deficits... I personally wouldn't drop below -20% TDEE and try to eat close to or at maintenance on training days. It is hard to do both at the same time as one goal requires a calorie surplus and one a calorie deficit. Meal timing may help but if you plan on trying to get gains while losing fat you will have to expect both processes to be slower than concentrating at one at a time. Some people can do both, some people can't. Usually beginners to ST may experience beginner gains while losing fat but not everyone does. Some people are more likely to just maintain LBM while losing weight.

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7/19/13 9:04 P

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Goal: Lose the last 30lbs; tone up and build muscle/inches.

I'm trying to structure a new diet that I can stick with that will help keep me powered but not overfed and not lacking. I am training for a marathon/triathlon and also enjoy lifting. I want to build some muscle and tone myself up so I know I need to increase my protein intake and probably lower my carbs some but I have trouble getting it all put together in my head. I'm a vegetarian so that kind of hurts my protein intake at times.

Do you have any ideas of how I can put this together? I'm not great about breakfast so I normally eat while I'm driving into work.

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