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This is an excellent idea that I have been kind of doing for a while. I have a large family and everyone has to eat differently due to food allergies. My hubby does most of the cooking but I like to pack my own food for breakfast and lunch at work. I am incredibly busy and if I don't have things ready I will sometimes just skip it so I can relax for half an hour at the end of the day. However, if I have everything ready and just need to grab it, I will have no problem. On Sunday I cook up two new recipies that freeze nicely, cut up all my fruit and veggies for the week, steam all the veggies that need cooking, bake or grill several pounds of chicken breast, cook some couscous, brown rice, quinoa and package it all in individual servings. This way I just need to grab one container of what ever I am taking and put it in my lunch bag because it is all prepared.

These methods are highly recommended.

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I don't know about the rest of you, but during the week, my life is chaos. Between work, the car pool and helping my family/siblings and everything else, I run out of time easily during the week.

I've also noticed that I've been getting home later in the evenings. By the time I get home at 6,7,8 o'clock or later, I either have something to do or I feel it's too late to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking dinner and everything else or I just want to go to bed before my alarm goes off just hours later.

This chaos during the week got me thinking about a friend of mine. She usually cooks 1 or 2 big casserole like dinners on Sunday for the week for her family, so they can just warm it up and go on her late nights. Which is fine and dandy, but I decided to try it a little differently.

Sundays are my days for extra time. So I took the liberty of getting extra containers, making meals for the week, and dividing them up. It's just me at home, so it isn't too bad. I just have to grab a container and go.

I took a few extra minutes to really read labels and divide the meals up with a healthy mix of veggies, proteins, carbs, etc... and each container is under 500 calories.

It may be a bit much for some people, and this is my first real trial week doing this so we'll see how it goes. The great thing is, now I've got meals ready to go that are healthy for me and I don't have to spend oodles of time in the kitchen on busy/late nights. Also, I have no excuses now.

It's helped me soooo much knowing that one thing is off my to do list during the day and that when I get home (or even for lunch) a balanced, healthy, and tasty meal is just minutes away.

Not only does it help my stress levels by taking that item off my list but the time I save out of the kitchen during the week allows me those extra few minutes to get in a quick work out. Something I would normally pass on in the evenings. Even if it's just 15 min of jump rope or something small, it still adds up.

It really got my week off to a great start. Anyone have any other helpful hints as to how to kick start your week?

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