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10/14/13 7:09 P

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I remember "Demon Knight" when it first came out. Anything with "Tales From The Crypt" in the title makes it worth my time. Good stuff.

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10/14/13 2:00 P

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Love this movie Yager!!

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10/11/13 9:39 A

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Now I have to watch The Ritual!!! As I didn't know it existed! Great review of Demon Knight. I have a soft spot for the Crypt Keeper and all of his ghoulish tales!

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10/11/13 12:44 A

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Per Wikipedia- {Demon Knight received mostly negative reviews, earning only a 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite the negative critical reaction, the film received a sort-of cult following.}

I spent about two weeks checking out all kinds of old horror movies I had on video cassette and decided that I have no interest in ever watching the Puppet Master movies ever again and I have already done reviews on movies that I think are lesser known that people should check out once in their lifetime. For the record, those movies were: Night of the Living Dead 3D, Malevolence, The Horde/La Horde, Tales From the Crypt: The Ritual and Zombi. So this year I decided to tell the story of how I fell in love with one of my favorite horror movies that has quite the fan baseÖ Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight.

Back in í88, I moved next to a comic store and fell in love with the classic EC comics such as Vault of Horror, Tales from the Crypt and Haunt of Fear. Granted I was buying reissues, but these were the stories I wanted to read. Eight great stories of horror twisted with humor for only $2, take my money please. When I was in high school, I stayed at another horror fans house and we recorded anything scary off his premium channels and Tales From the Crypt was the best. So when the movie trailers started playing, we were hyped!

The theaters in which we frequented were getting wise to us being minors and started carding us on occasion; of course this movie was one of those occasions. Luckily, my mom was down to take us as long as we paid. Thatís a deal! In HBO fashion, the movie starts off with a Cryptkeeper introduction as well as a scene with John Larroquette (who I enjoyed from Night Court). The cast for this movie was ridiculously awesome! William Sadler, Billy Zane and CCH Pounder were great and it was the first time I saw Jada Pinkett (prior to Smith) in anything, let alone for a big role like this. I never get tired of seeing Dick Miller in movies; heís in a lot of my old black and white movies (especially Roger Corman flicks). And my favorite character was a lowlife named Roach, played by Thomas Haden Church ( he has the best quotable lines in the movie). After the intro, Filter kicked in with Hey Man Nice Shot during this opening scene of the movie. After that, the outside world didnít exist to me. lol. I eventually bought it on VHS and had the movie poster up in my room. I got my sisters hooked on it when they got older and we would always find a way to fit a quote in most conversations. I think the pace is perfect, the acting is great and the lines will live on forever. Billy Zane also has amazing lines as The Collector. After watching it this past weekend for fun, not as a report, I realized this movie can stand the test of time (itís already been 18 years). I choose not to spill the rest of the storyline for those who havenít seen it and for those who are fans, you already know everything Iím telling you.

I checked Netflix instant and itís on there as well as Tales From the Crypt: The Ritual, which stars the lovely Jennifer Grey and the immortal Tim Curry. I have attached a trailer for each of these wonderful movies and I hope you find the time to enjoy them as well.

Demon Knight trailer
The Ritual trailer

Sorry it's so long, I got carried away. emoticon

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