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4/26/10 12:58 P

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This is awesome advice!!! Great job!! & glad u have learned these to have an awesome long living life!

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4/26/10 10:33 A

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The way I use to eat before making my healthy lifestyle change included mountains of pasta, Super sized restaurant portions, binge eating, and everything in excess. That is when I wasn't "dieting" and keeping myself so hungry and deprived that I was about to snap at any minute. If I wanted something I would wait until I couldn't take it anymore and then drowned myself in it.

I have now been living a healthy lifestyle for over a year and I have learned that a combination of moderation, healthy portion sizes and a substitution of better for you ingredients is the key to losing weight without feeling like you are on a restrictive diet. I no longer think of myself as on a diet, I just live my life... this mindset also keeps me from going off the deep end and over doing it.

When eating out I always visit the restaurant website before hand so I can research the best options for me. Me and my husband agree on something that we would both be happy eating and then order one meal and a side salad with light dressing and split it. Most kitchens will split your meal for you in the kitchen no problem. Portions at sit down restaurants are usually much more than we would normally eat at home anyway so splitting it doesn't take anything other than calories away from the meal. A bonus to doing this is the bill is half as much, we can go out with both our kids to olive garden or ruby tuesday and only spend 20 dollars on dinner, where we would have spent double that before.

When I cook dinner at home I make the same types of food that I made before. Spaghetti, tacos, lasagna, breaded chicken, meat loaf..... You can make any meal healthier by using lean meat, using less pasta and more vegetables, baking food instead of frying, using panko bread crumbs instead of regular and using less, using whole wheat pasta instead of white, ect ect... I also use salad plates for most of my meals because Im a member of the clean plate club... the smaller plates help.

On special occasions I still have deserts... I just have alot less. This year I went out and had a slice of cheesecake with my husband and my kids for my birthday. I knew if I brought a whole cheesecake (my favorite) into the house then it would be gone in a two days. This way I got to enjoy my treat and didn't feel deprived or cheated on my birthday.

Each night I snack on dark chocolate, fudge pops, crackers and hummus, apples and peanut butter ect. I have always been a big snacker at night and at first I tried to cut that out. I would just end up eating everything in sight in the end. I now allow myself to snack but its smaller portions and I always keep track of what goes into my mouth. It works well for me and I still lose weight doing it, even though I have always been told that late night snacking will make you gain weight.

My family eats everything I cook and loves it. I have lost over 80 pounds and my husband has lost 80 pounds as well in a little over a year just because of the changes I have made to the way I cook, he has not even exercised. I am proud of the fact that my children are growing up eating healthy and will not have the same weight problems that I had as a child.

Anyone can lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle by making small livable changes to their life. A way of eating that is modified from your current lifestyle is much easier to follow and stick to long term than a crash diet out of a book. I am very happy with the way I eat and would not change a thing.

~ Jess

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