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Day 73- All or Nothing

Suggested activities for today
~ Do something less than perfectly. Don't make your bed. Leave a few crumbs on the kitchen counters. Hang a picture at a crooked angle and leave it that way all day.

~ Eat one food that's not on your current meal plan. Even one chocolate chip can help you realize you don't lose ground just because you took one step off the side of the road.

~ Record your imperfection in your notebook. Add a few lines about how it felt to do this exercise.

There are no food that are not allowed on my Weight Watchers plan, thus I am not going to do the "eat something not on your current meal plan" portion of today's exercise.

For imperfection, as I had already read this lesson a couple of days ago, I purposely added one extra stitch in one side of the border of the afghan I was finishing. This teeny, tiny flaw, a minor imperfection is symbolic to me. It is NOT at all noticeable and something that is there as a gentle reminder to sometimes not take myself so seriously.

It is a way of saying goodbye to perfectionism and the thinking that I am either 100% on or 100% off, to embrace the grey areas and revel in their b

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Day 72 - Sneak Eating

I used to eat a box of Little Debbie's in the car on the way home from work (yes, a whole box) and then thrown the wrappers in the trash by our mailbox so my husband wouldn't see it

But now I have no desire for them at all, and would rather crunch an apple.

I used to eat an entire package of 10-12 Lofthouse cookies in my car while parked at a local park at lunchtime, but now I'm retired and can eat a healthy lunch with my husband.

I used to eat two sausage McMuffins and a large orange juice in my car on the way to work six days a week, then get there and eat whatever bagels or donuts that had been brought in that day, but now I'm retired and can eat a healthy breakfast at home.

emoticon It's my CAR! My CAR was making me fat!!! emoticon

Closet eating has been a downfall of mine for far too many years. It feels so wonderful to have this program and be able to focus on eating foods that fuel my body in such a way that I no longer have to feel any shame or guilt about what goes into my mouth.

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Day 71 - It's too hard

Ha! I can do hard things!

Life is hard!
Staying on program is sometimes hard!
Finding time to exercise is sometimes hard!

Dying of a heart attack ---majorly hard!

Given a choice of hard things, I go for staying on program and exercising!

If everything in life was easy, how boring life would be. I am blessed to have accomplished many hard things so far in this lifetime.

One thing I can say beyond a doubt, losing weight is hard work, keeping it off is working overtime, for life! I am worth it! Reaching a point where I am off blood pressure meds and high cholesterol meds is GOING to be worth it. I am at least now at a point where they are in the normal ranges and I don't intend to go back there again.

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Day 70 - No good or bad

Can I just say I'm glad to be done with this particular set of ten? I feel like I've awakened triggers and cravings that had been hidden for months!

OK, now that is off my chest LOL!

I envision myself staying on this path for the rest of my life. Whom would I be cheating, if not my own good health? It's just not worth the cost to do so.

There will be days, like yesterday, where I eat more carbs than I normally do, or more filler foods, but I will not go over my daily points plus available flex. I've worked to hard to get off cholesterol meds (and hopefully blood pressure meds in another six months) to ever want to go back there again.

The plan I am on does not restrict any type of foods, other than portion control to the points available and I think that helps to not have a good/bad food scenario.

I also know my body responds well when I have an even balance of proteins to carbs in my day and when I get in my 8+ glasses of water and 5+ freggies. These fuel me for the long haul.

So without looking at food as being good or bad, I think I still need to focus on 90-95% fuel and leave most of the filler items for rare occasions.

On to day 71!

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Day 69 No cheating allowed!

Oh I need to tattoo that on my wrist!!!!

On my eating plan there are no forbidden foods, only portion controlled ones, which I think helps with this as there are no "bad" foods. I do need to be aware of trigger foods which are highly processed and trigger moods which this book is helping me to cope with.

Day 68 I had a pause

Some of mine have been Biblical in proportion!

I used to be a perfectionist and would let a slip turn into a landslide but now I choose a path of persistence and if I do make an unhealthy choice at one meal I can get right back on track again the next meal or day.

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Day 67- Never say I blew it!

~ Resolve that you will never again describe your eating by saying the words "I blew it"

~ invent some new phrases that acknowledge your eating struggle but at the same time encourage you to move foreward. Consider using statements such as "That was minor, so I need to keep it that way."

~ Record your favorite phrases in your notebook and memorize them so you can use them immediately whenever you have a slipup.

This takes me all the way back to my day #1 lesson.

I used to be a perfectionist and if I had one bad meal or bad day, would wallow in guilt, go on a seemingly neverending binge and regain all the weight I had lost.

Now I am different and I realize that it is persistence not perfection that will lead me to my goal. I am going to occasionally have a "less than perfect" meal or day, take a deep breath, and get right back on the healthy eating plan.

This is for the BEST of my life!

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Day 66 - Don't even start!

You can come up with a variety of self-talk phrases that work to protect you around food temptations. In addition to the powerful phrase "Don't even start" consider using:

~ Don't even go there!
~ Stay on top of your plan.
~ Hold your goals up high.
~ Live above the crowd.

Play with your self-talk phrases until you find the ones that are most effective for you. Every time you are determined to avoid a food entirely, use your own firm self-talk as a way to instantly stop yourself from eating.

Never let them MAKE you eat!
Is it worth it?
Don't give up your power to food!

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Day 65 - Stimulus Narrowing

Watch for food cues that have the potential to hook you into overeating. Like a parent speaking to a child, firmly tell yourself "NO" on the spot.

~ then walk away. get busy with something else, and affirm that you won't go back to the food. In your notebook, record how this experience felt.

~ Stay strong in your resolve.

I have a couple of phrases:

"Is it worth it?"


"NEVER let them make you eat!"

that I refer to when emotions are triggering me to eat something.

I have a list that is growing of things to do instead of eating. So far it contains:

Logic problems
Drink a mug-o-water
Pet a cat or two
Sing at the top of my lungs

I can tell you that every time I resist one of those binge type foods, it gives me a great feeling of inner power emoticon and let's me show the food who IS the boss (me) of my lifetime emoticon

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Day 64- Instant Tools for Triggers

Brushing my teeth does help me a lot as I don't want to mess up my "clean" mouth

Drinking water

Doing something else to distract myself such as a logic problem or sudoku

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Updated this today:

Reasons to Reach Healthy Weight

1. Normal blood pressure-- done, but still on meds
2. Normal cholesterol--done, but still on meds
3. Reduced cancer risk
4. Strength and stamina for caregiving
5. Comfortable in jeans and belt--done
6. Under weight limit on ladders
7. Wear regular size clothes
8. Be better at 60 than I am at 57
9. Shave legs in the shower--done
10. Put pants on while standing up--done

And ten more!
11. Tandem skydiving -at least once
12. And Ziplining
13. Cute boots!
14. Regular width shoes
15. Matching bra & panty sets
16. Tie my chef's apron in the front--done
17. Wrap a bath towel completely around myself
18. No trepidation around seeing the doctor--done
19. Bend over and paint my toenails--done
20. Longer life expectancy

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Day 63 - Buffers

~ consider eliminating 1 trigger from your life. Choose 1 food or category of food and make the decision to protect yourself from it or improve how you eat the food. This doesn't mean you never eat it, but perhaps you can choose to avoid having it around most of the time.

~ clear that item from all of your regular storage places, including your home, car, office, and even your shopping list.

~ in your notebook, list the food trigger that you've eliminated as well as others you need to protect yourself from in the future.

While I truly do not have any "forbidden" foods IE: all foods are allowed as long as I have the points available for them, there are still those "trigger" foods that if I do have them could lead me to consuming more and more and going off the path.

Then again, for me it is trigger "moods" as opposed to trigger "foods" that get me into trouble in the first place.

One trigger food that I have definitely eliminated is McDonald's sausage McMuffins. I used to have two each morning in the car on the way to work or the nursing home along with a large orange juice. I was too adept at one hand driving while shoving that greasy gooey sandwich in my mouth with the other!

Now, almost nine months later, the thought of eating even one of those makes me a little nauseous.

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Day 62- Non-food triggers
~ notice all of the non-food cues that tempt you to eat. In particular, watch for how you respond to stress, anger, and other intense emotions.

I didn't notice any today. For me this is one of those "I used to be that way, but now I'm different" type of topics.

I used to eat out my emotions, to bury the pain down a black hole, that could never be filled, but now I sit with my emotions, allow myself to feel them, and move on.

~ write down a list of any food thoughts that were prompted by emotions or other non-food triggers.


~ notice whether you trypically give in to emotional triggers or whether you're able to ignore them.

I am at a point that I can now typically ignore them. Very seldom will I give in, and then it's to crunch something like an apple of some carrots. I'm in my 9th month of healthy eating. In the first month I am sure this lesson would have been more impactful.

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8/19/14 1:37 P

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Wonderful work on adding the details for your daily lessons. You are doing really great!

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Day 61- Food Triggers

Yesterday as we were leaving the restaurant, I could smell bacon frying, and instantly wanted some. Didn't have any though.

Last night DH had Food Network on and someone made a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with french toast. Instant peanut butter craving. I had already had a peanut butter and banana sandwich as my lunch yesterday so knew I didn't really need more peanut butter, it was just seeing it on tv that made me think about it.

Other triggers that affected me while working would be the parade of Birthday cakes, donuts, bagels, brownies etc. that would come into our breakroom and those golden arches on my way in to work each day.

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Day 60- create a stop sign

~ in your journal, write down 3 things you will use as your "stop sign" plan for handling emotional hunger. Consider making separate lists for head and heart hunger.

~ copy your stop signs onto a billfold-sized card, and then carry them with you as an instant reminder.

~ share your lists with a buddy and agree that you'll both use them as a set of emergency coping skills.

One of my stop signs is the kitty magnets on my refrigerator door. Each one represents a loss of ten pounds, 8 kitties on the fridge so far, 10 more to reach goal.

As I open the refrigerator door I pause, reflect on how hard I've worked to earn those, and ask myself "is (whatever I am looking for inside) worth giving those up?" and the answer is always no.

Head/heart stop signs for me:

-kitty magnets
-drink water or coffee
-take three deep cleansing breaths
-pet/cuddle a cat or two

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-pet/cuddle a cat
-iron clothes
-listen to upbeat music
-hug a pillow

I am not sure if it fits under head hunger or heart hunger, but drinking water also helps to calm me down when frazzled.

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Time Zone GMT (London) - yes, I'm hours ahead of most of you! Cornwall, UK

"...regardless of the short-term outcome, the very fact of your continuing to struggle is proof of your victory as a human being." Daisaku Ikeda

 Pounds lost: 0.6 
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Day 58- Heart Hunger

~ which foods are you most likely to eat when you're having heart hunger?

Something gooey or creamy like cheesecake, macaroni & cheese, or rich like chocolate, or a tub of ready to spread frosting, yes, the whole tub. Makes me sick to think of it now, but I would put it in the freezer awhile and then sit and eat the whole thing, with a spoon while watching tv.

~ Write these down in your notebook, and then make a list of the situations that might send you toward hart hunger eating.

Times this would happen include the entire 18 months my husband was in the nursing home, when grieving the loss of a loved one, when upset about having to discipline someone at work even though as a manager that was part of the job.

~ Watch for times when you want something to eat but don't know what you want. During these times, try to identify what's missing or empty and then do something to respond to what you really need.

He's home now, and I'm retired, so experiencing this a lot less often.

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Day 57 - Head Hunger Insteads

Activities I can turn to when Head Hunger is making me want to eat, instead I can:

-crochet another row or two on my afghan
-take a short walk
-deep breathing exercises
-take a shower
-play a computer game
-cuddle and pet one or both of the cats

I did used the "crochet" one earlier this week when DH was have a bad day in dementialand, and for some reason, him seeing me calmly working on the afghan also calmed him down. When the afghan is finished, I'll need to find another crochet project for just in case.

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Day 56--Head Hunger

Looking back at some of the previous lessons, I have described my "head hunger" a few times now. It is a need to crunch or bite through chewy foods when angry or stressed.

Favorite foods for that are pretzels, carrot sticks, licorice, juju fish in mass quantities.

Situations where head hunger has happened in the past might be when dealing with high stress activities at work, or all the Medicaid red tape when DH was in the nursing home. Now head hunger happens infrequently, if I am having a bad caregiving day in Dementia land or when frustrated with dealing with healthcare red tape.

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Day 55 - Food is the consolation prize

Oh yes, have a bad day, eat an entire king size Symphony bar washed down with a Mountain Dew in the car on the way home!

Feeling rushed and stressed after working all day and then visiting the nursing home, where the love of you life doesn't want to be, blames me for "putting him there" ( I didn't, his disease did at the time) and now it's 8 PM and you haven't had dinner.....Hello half of an entire large pepperoni pizza with two bags of juju fish (5 servings each) on the couch!

Food was my consolation prize for more years than I can remember.

Was, not is.

I used to be that way, but now I'm different. It's funny how often I find myself going back to that day #1 lesson.

But I AM different, and food is now fuel for my body, not a "prize" to salve my feelings.

Thank you Linda Spangle!

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Day 54 Eating to feel better

This conjures up memories of childhood illnesses and being served toast and tea in bed.

My instant energy plan:

-ask myself "Am I tired, or just lethargic?" If I am truly tired, a nap should help. If I am just lethargic, going for a walk or ten minutes of biking, or if at home a nice shower will perk me up.

-I still rely on sipping warm sugar free jello when I feel a sore throat coming on.

-If a nap is not an option, cardio and caffeine would be my next choice.

-Have I eaten enough protien today? I might need a small quick portion of nuts or cheese.

-Remember carbs might lead to a binge when exhausted, and then I will be stuffed and still tired.

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Day 53- Food is My best Friend

Dear Little Debbie,

I'm sorry but I'm breaking up with you!
You cannot be my best friend anymore.
I know, you haven't seen me in months,
but really I must tell you,
You are a controlling witch!

Whenever I hang out with you
you want more and more
and then you bring along
your evil twin Lofthouse to join the party!

I just cannot have you in my life. ever. again!

You have been replaced with:

Sitting and just thinking through things
Giving my troubles to God

and life is SO much better without you!

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Day 52 - Food is an instant fix

Suggested activities for today
~ Identify times when you're most likely to eat in order to avoid doing something. Write these down in your journal. Then plan ways you could handle these tasks without eating something first.

~ Notice any times when you're tempted to use food as an instant fix.

~ Record these thoughts and experiences as well.

As I mentioned yesterday, food has been my "feel good drug" for most of my life. Changing that isn't easy and is still sometimes a struggle.

If I was depressed, something creamy like cheesecake would soothe the edges. If I was angry, crunching or chewing things worked off steam. Stressed and no time for anything? A box of Little Debbies in the car on the way home. Talk about distracted driving!

For me, taking the "power" away from food and giving it back to myself, is an empowering feeling indeed. Learning to "sit with my feelings" instead of trying to numb them, and listen to what my heart is saying, yes it isn't always pleasant, yet it is oh so necessary to break the stranglehold that overprocessed, sugary foods had on me.

Today I walk right past the aisle of Little Debbies and don't feel the slightest craving for them. She isn't my best friend anymore. My new best friend is me :)

Other times I may have used food to procrastinate, would have been during my work life, on mornings I knew I was going to have to deal with a negative employee situation, such as placing them on a written warning, or termination of employment. I would have stressed about it, and eaten over it, all night the night before and in the morning. I don't miss those days.

Food to dull the pain: after the death of my Mom in 2002

Food to replace other feelings: when my husband went on disability retirement in 2006

I'm sure there are a lot of others, these are just the ones that stand out.

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Day 51- What is emotional eating?

Emotional eating has been the underlying cause of the majority of my weigh gains during my life time.

Food = comfort when I was stressed, hurt, angry, lonely, tired

It didn't talk back, and it gave predictable results.

Now, for the most part, I eat to fuel my body with good, healthy foods. I am going to have cake on our anniversary and our birthdays, that's 3 times a year, not a major issue. I don't have desire right now for cookies, chips, and other types of snacky things.

This ten days of lessons, I am sure, are going to help me to identify food triggers and ways to overcome them without using food as my drug of choice to calm my senses or boost my injured ego.

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Day 50- 10 minute solution!

This concept ties in very nicely with Spark Guy's 10 minute fitness streaks and is one I did employ at the beginning of this journey on days I just didn't feel the energy to do more.

The magical thing about those 10 minutes of doing just about anything, is once you get started, you tend to keep going.

Uncluttering, other housework, exercise all good things! Of course, procastinating sitting on the couch after a 10 minute break may or may not be a good thing LOL!

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Day 49 Just do something!

I am at a good place right now and afraid to NOT just do something for fear of slipping backwards.

This is advice though that is great for newer members or those just getting restarted. In the beginning it can feel overwhelming, just do something, even if it's just one good thing for your health a day, and then add a second one, and then a third. Before you know it you will be living a healthier lifestyle.

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Day 48 - You gotta want to...

Suggested activities for today
~ go back to yesterday's list or even write a new list of goals or situations where you're inclined to say, "I can't."

~ in front of each one, write the words, "Of course I want to..." reinforcing your plan to make it happen.

~ pick one of these goals and write it on a separate piece of paper along with the words, "Of course, I want to." Carry this with you and read it often.

Of course I want to reach and maintain a healthy weight for the rest of my life!

And I really don't have much more to add as I don't generally have an "I can't " attitude I have a Can-do-it-tude !

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Day 47- Kick the Can't
Suggested activities for today
~ Write a list of things that you believe you can't do.

~ Several times today, read through the list. With each item, say, "It's hard to ___________, but I'll find a way."

~ For each item on the list, add the phrase, "Maybe I could... _______" and plan at least one action that will help you make progress.

I'm generally a positive person who likes to focus on what I *can* do.

So let's see:

It's hard to lose weight after menopause, yet it's not impossible. I can increase my metabolism with cardio and strength training, building muscle to burn calories more efficiently and I can follow my recommended daily points allowance.

It's hard to use a ladder at my current wait, but I can lose the next 8 pounds and get below the weight limit for it so that I will feel safer when using it to paint the shutters this Fall.

It's hard to fit exercise into my caregiving day, but not impossible. I can do strength training with dumbbells at home, and with body resistance exercises and I do have a recumbent bike for cardio.

It's hard to lose weight when we go out to eat Every.Single.Day! Yet, I have already proven to myself that it can be done as long as I make healthy menu selections, eat to satisfaction and stop eating at the pause.

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8/4/14 6:33 A

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Day 46- If not food, then what?

Make a list of 10 things that are important, with food as #1, then remove food to #11 and put a new #1 in it's place.

Contemplate on this #1 and think of ways to apply your energy and passion to it throughout the day.

1. Hobbies including logic problems, reading and crocheting
3.Loving and caring wife
6.My home is neat and clean
7.Gardening (flowers)
9. Community Involvement
10. Making memes and demotivationals
11. Food

I don't know that food "WAS" my #1, but put it there first for the purpose of this exercise. Food is food, my body needs to sustain itself, but it doesn't hold the power over me it once had. It also seems odd to place hobbies above some of the other items on the list, yet the purpose of this exercise is to focus on all 10 items at various times, sort of making them all my #1 and not focusing on #11 (food) at all.

I haven't done logic problems in a few years and they are an excellent way to keep my mind sharp, nor have I crocheted in a few years, and I have a brand new sofa that sure would look good to have a nice hand made afghan for it instead of the brown plain acrylic throw that we had been using with the old one. I will need to decide on colors before buying the yarn, and I might have donated my crochet supplies to Purple Heart, so I'd need to check and see if I even still have a crochet hook !

Maybe I will tackle a more difficult pattern than the traditional granny squares, and will look online for some patterns.

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8/3/14 7:59 A

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Day 45- Food-Important or Not?

~ Think carefully about specific times you want to label food as important.

~ In your notebood, make a list of times, places, or even specific foods that yu would usually designate as important.

~ With times or situations that aren't on your list, plan to view food as unimportant.

Most of the time, food is fuel for my body, to give me energy and not important in so much as the choice of foods.

Important foods would be more like "What are we going to have for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter."

Even Birthday cake and Anniversary cake, although appeciated aren't necessarily "important". We could celebrate those occasions without cake and it would still be a Birthday or Anniversary, right?

So, what IS important, to me about food is:

ensuring I get a minimum of five daily servings of fruits and vegetables
getting enough calcium through low and nonfat dairy products
drinking a minimum of 8 cups of water per day

Other than that, since there are no prohibited foods on my plan, I don't stress about it so much.

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8/2/14 8:40 A

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Day 44- It's not the right time

~ Evaluate how your program is going so far. Is this a right time for you to work on losing weight?

~ If not, make a list of reasons why it doesn't seem to be the right time. Measure your list against the criteria of major life events or any big issues that demand your time and energy.

~ If losing weight is truly important to you, make it the right time. In your notebook, write a few ideas on how to get around the roadblocks in your daily life and make your diet work in spite of these obstacles.

My program is going well and yes, this is the right time for me to be focusing on losing excess weight. The beginning of this "right time" for me marked a couple of major life changes, retirement and my husband coming home from the nursing home.

I needed to get to a healthier body weight and build up strength/stamina to be an effective caregiver, so major change became the impetus instead of the excuse not to get started.

I can definitely look back at other attempts that I didn't "stick to" and can see times of high stress led to going "off" and then staying "off" my healthy eating path.

I don't have that perfectionist mindset any more. If I have a "wider road" day, it's just a day and I get right back on the narrow road again. Eating pauses don't have to lead to me having a belly like Mrs. Santa Claus, ever again!

I think today's lesson would be more beneficial to someone not already on the path for 8 months, yet it also serves as a reminder to myself when the going gets tough, as it sometimes does.

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Day 43- Choose to, not have to

~ start catching times when you say, "I have to...." Regardless of the issue you're facing, switch your words and say, "I choose to...

~ Train yourself to use this phrase more regularly by saing things such as, "I choose to get up early for my meeting" or "I choose to sit here at my desk and type this report.

~ Using the words "I choose to..." in your notebook, write a list of things you want to accomplish.

Starts with I CHOSE to retire 9 years earlier than planned so that DH could return home from the nursing home environment and have me as his 24/7 caregiver. I did not HAVE to do that. He could have remained there, and probably would have died of a broken heart within 6 months. He was miserable there, and his condition was at a point that he COULD choose to come home. The money is tight, even though yes, we did buy a new sofa. That is the first new sofa in 26 years! We will be ok. I am confident the Lord will provide us with our needs and a few of our wants, I just need to be frugal IE: buying thrift shop clothes, cutting and coloring my own hair, giving myself a pedicure, free vs purchased Kindle books, or real books that are 10 for $1.

None of this has me feeling poor. I feel empowered because I choose to have a debt free retirement!

I choose to follow my eating plan no matter what! It doesn't really matter how long it takes to reach goal as once I get there, I want to stay there.

I choose to follow my exercise plan to have a stronger and more flexible body.

I choose to maintain order and cleanliness in our home as that gives me a feeling of inner peace.

I choose to continue with available home based volunteer opportunities from time to time, as this gives me a feeling of giving back to those who need it most.

I choose to be a positive person, a loving and caring wife, a responsible pet owner.

Again this is one of those exercises where I can probably add to the list as times goes on and I contemplate more.

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Day 42- Make it matter

suggested activities for today

~ Make a list of ways that being overweight bothers you. Using the scale of 1 to 10, rate each of these issues based on how much it affects you.

~ Now raise the importance of each one of them and mentally push the level even higher.

To my own detriment, I've often found being overweight to be my "safe" zone. I was truly the invisible fat lady. People didn't notice me as much. It sounds strange that people did not notice a 338 pound person, but it's true! At least, that is how it felt!

Ways being overweight affects me:

emoticon -increased risk of endometrial cancer
I just found this out at my annual GYN visit when I went through a cancer scare (my fifth!), ultrasound and biopsy. I don't have cancer praise God! I do have increased estrogen. The doctor explained it takes 10-15 years of normal body weight before I am no longer at risk. As much as I wish I had known that 10-15 years ago, I cannot change that now, so what I can do is focus on the NOW and the future risk. This risk factor makes this one a #10.

emoticon -high blood pressure
I am on medication for high blood pressure, have been since 2009 . My BP readings have been in the normal range for the last few months. I'm hoping to eventually come off the meds, and hope to have a decrease in dosage at my next doctor's appointment.

I will give this one a #8

emoticon -high cholesterol
This one was diagnosed two weeks before my DH came home from the nursing home last November and the doctor put me on meds. When it was rechecked in March, all of the readings were in the normal range, and at that point I had lost 38 pounds. This one I am hoping to come completely off the meds for at my next doctor visit

Another # 8

emoticon higher cost clothing
The plus size stores charge sometimes two or three times the amount for clothing as the regular sizes.


emoticon being able to use a ladder, ride an amusement park ride, fit in an airplane seat, and the car without a seatbelt extender

OK, only the first one applies at the moment. I'm not going to an amusement park or riding an airplane any time in the foreseeable future. The newer cars do have bigger seatbelts.

Rating -5

emoticon Never having to use one of these! emoticon or those!

When I had my emergency gallbladder surgery in October 2012, I was so worn out by it that they wanted to send me home on oxygen. I convinced the doctor otherwise, and came home, having to use my husband's walker for almost two weeks until I was strong enough to go without it. I still needed the motorized cart at the grocery store. It was another 6 weeks before I could do the shopping with just hanging on the the grocery cart.

Now, with 77 pounds off, I can do all of those things. I need to sometimes remind myself how far I've come and my reasons to not go back to where I was before.

Rating -7

I will probably add more as I ponder this throughout the day, but I think this is a good start!

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Day 41- Motivation is a Choice

and in some cases it's a privilege!

Motivation sources for me:

-remaining healthy/ gaining strength and stamina for my role as a caregiver
-hitting mini goals, like being under the weight limit on ladders (not there yet, but close)
-any NSV I have attained
-fitting into the next size down in clothing
-TRUSTING the program! That one is HUGE for me
-completing another lesson/day in the 100 Days program
-listening to an audio lesson from Linda Spangle

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Day 40 - Having an eating experience

Suggested activities for today

~ Recall some of your most enjoyable eating experiences. What made these times so special.

~ In your journal, describe one or two of your favorite types of eating experiences.

Probably most enjoyable are when I make something at home and it turns out great- like my homemade stuffed cabbage which is one of DH's favorites in cooler weather, or a roasted turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and peas

These are favorites because I know I have prepared something without extra salt or sugar that is reasonably healthy and will bring joy to others in the household.

As for an eating experience today, since this is the day our healthcare worker is here and then we will go out for our main meal, I need to think about that one. If the restaurant I would like to go to is not too crowded, then my experience would be around having one of there delicious home style soups with me meal. The soup of the day today would be cream of mushroom and I do have the points available. They put huge slices of fresh mushrooms in it and it tastes divine.

If that restaurant is too crowded for handicapped parking and room for DH's wheelchair, then we will go to a family dining place and I might get pasta which is something I seldom eat these days. I will post back my results tonight.

UPDATE: (This is GRAPHIC.....sorry!!!)

Well, my main meal WAS an experience, but probably not the type Ms. Spangle intended. DH has permanent vocal chord damage and sometimes has swallowing difficulties. Two bites into his meal he started choking and spit food all over himself. Got him cleaned up, and sort of lost steam on eating mindfully.

I will say the mushroom soup was divine. Alas I did not look up the point value before heading to the restaurant and had a BIG bowl of it along with a grilled cheese sandwich and a dill pickle. This was the daily lunch special today. I had the sandwich on whole wheat bread and completely ignored the side of home made potato chips which are served with it. I ate slowly as possible and savored the taste and texture.

Well, my daily point allotment is 29 per day. My mushroom soup cost me 18 of those points for a two cup serving and the grilled cheese sandwich was another 10 emoticon Luckily, I still have all 35 of my weekly flex points allowance and will be fine for the day, having used 9 of them to cover what I already had for breakfast and a nonfat yogurt for later.

I was starting to wonder if my pause meter was broken, and then the "ahh that is just right" feeling in my stomach happened, about 15 minutes after I had finished eating and was waiting for my husband to finish his meal.

Lessons learned: Even if I am not sure which of two restaurants we will end up with, I can still be better prepared by looking up points values before leaving the house.

Next time, ignore the word "special" and order the 1/2 sandwich with a cup of the same wonderful mushroom soup. I only need two bites to get the flavor and emotional values, right?

To top off this dining experience, DH had a bio-hazard event in the car on the way home which caused me to clean him up/change his clothes as soon as we got home, then clean the bathroom, and then the cloth upholstery in the car. This has only happened once before, he cannot help it. It just is how my life goes some times.

His clothes are in the dryer now. I have a good upholstery cleaner "Turtle Wax Oxy Power" that does a fabulous job on these things.

At least that happened on the way home and not on the way there.

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Day 39- Flavor or Texture?

List some of your favorite foods. Is it flavor or texture that make them a favorite?

Baked Macaroni & Cheese- both
Carrots- texture
Good chocolate-both

I have become aware that various emotions will cause me to crave certain textures as opposed to being a salty or sweet craving.

Creamy/Smooth textures are craved when I am


Crunchy/Chewy textures are for when I am


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July 27, 2014

Day 38 -- Food As Power

When I look at the previous weight loss success of my past, once 92 pounds before gaining 108, and then 167 pounds to goal before gaining it all back and 11 more, I can definitely see where at times of great stress and emotion, I did indeed look to food to dull my senses, build up my ego, restore my soul.

It was if whenever I was powerless over a situation or event, I would give power to the food to make me feel better, shoving more and more of it in my mouth, a lot of closet/ aka in the car or when I was alone eating. Ah yes, I was a Queen of emotional eating and I didn't even wear a tiara or a crown!

That was the old me.

I used to eat that way and allow food to have the power but now I realized eating and exercise are two areas of my life that *I* have the power to control and no one is going to take that power away from me again E V E R!

Now if I am upset, I focus on other things to calm me down. Talking through an issue, or sometimes just praying over it, giving it to God and moving on.

Food is powerless over me now. I allow it to provide fuel and other benefits. It does not use or abuse me.

I enjoy my food, savoring eat by eating it slowly and tasting the goodness of it, noticing it's texture and chewing it thoroughly. Eating this way was allowed me to gain the pleasure of the eating experience, which in turn calms my mind when I am troubled, and soothes my frayed nerves, without feeling bloated, guilty and a failure afterwards.D

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July 26, 2014

Day 37 - I love to eat

Isn't that every day of my life ?!?!?! LOL!

I have learned that I am a big fan of texture and different emotions bring out the need for different textures.

I am not a salty snack person. I crave creamy/sweet things when I am hurting, upset, lonely and I crave crunchy things when I am angry, stressed or tense.

I think I also crave the soft, smooth things when I am not feeling well.

Mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, other "comfort" foods are high on my list of favorites along with cheesecake and hot caramel sundaes.

If it's chocolate, it needs to be creamy, rich and smooth, like a Symphony bar. I have not had one of those in 8 months and not even thought about them until today's exercise.

Now, I want to forget before I run out and buy one and get started eating them every day again! Not a little one, a big GIANT sized one!

I know myself well enough to know that the two bite practice is not yet strongly instilled in my mental wiring. It's more like a two serving practice if my emotions rule my eating. I am going to continue to working on these skills and make every meal an exercise in savoring, tasting the flavors and experiencing the textures.

I am beginning to notice the pause of satisfaction the last few days and hope that continues and I build up my internal tool kit of non-food ways to cope with emotions.

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July 25, 2014

Day 36 -- Slow Down Your Eating

As I have mentioned before I have ALWAYS been a fast eater, and my husband is just the opposite. As I have been working through these lessons and focusing on savoring my food, appreciating it's taste and texture, and listening for my bodies signals for hunger and satisfaction, I have noticed a slowing down of my eating speed, to the point that now I am either the last one done eating (a miracle!) or he only has one or two bites left when I finish.

I am enjoying my food more and getting more emotional satisfaction from it. I am starting to notice the pause, on occasion, although most of the time I have selected the proper portion size for me and will not have more food left at the time.

I don't set a timer, but if I do find myself eating quickly, as these habits of a lifetime do take a while to change, I will put down my fork between bites or eat left handed instead of right handed to slow myself down a bit.

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Day 34 --July 23, 2014

Day 34 - Listen Accurately

~ eat a meal or snack but stop right at the point of feeling comfortable or a plus one on the scale.

emoticon This is the way I have been eating most of the time for the past week. I had already read the entire book and am going back and doing the daily exercises.

~ in your journal, describe how this level feels to you. Recall times in the past when you've eaten until you felt stuffed. Write a note describing that and then compare the 2 feelings.

emoticon Comfortably full for me is that feeling when you are eating, and realize you just don't need any more. You have that little sigh of contentment and you body says "I am good with this." I'm still honing that skill and believe I will get there.

With portion control I am selecting the amount to get me there and I sometimes struggle with the "leave food on your plate" concept for that reason as I've already selected the right amount for me.

FINALLY eating at a slower speed, and savoring my food which I think is also giving the emotional side the calming affect needed without shoveling food down a black hole to try and squash down feelings.

~ Think about what it means to feel full or stuffed. Is it comforting or nurturing? Does having a full belly make you feel stronger or more confident? Are you getting away with something you couldn't do as a child? Record your insights.

emoticon emoticon I wrote about this yesterday. I'm a 24/7 caregiver who has to lift and maneuver heavy weights. If we go out to eat, that lifting and maneuvering starts in the parking lot right afterwards. Eating beyond +1 makes for a miserable me while trying to bend and lift a 45 pound wheelchair and then push 250 pounds up a 30 foot ramp. Better to eat to +1, be comfortable and satisfied.

As a child I did not eat a lot, I was a skinny little thing until puberty. I grew up in a farming community and snacks were fruits and berries for us. Ice cream was something we got on Holidays. I remember Grandma serving the ice cream with the little turkey design at Thanksgiving and Snowman inside at Christmas. Soda pop was also a rarity and you might get one small bottle a week.

So perhaps the junk food side of eating relates to not having it as a child, but I also attribute that to the lifestyle changes of our generation.

emoticon Eating to +1 gives me the emoticon energy I need to be a emoticon emoticon strong and loving caregiver.

What's funny is I used to have NO control over my eating. It has taken this journey for the last 8 months to realize FOOD and EXERCISE are often the ONLY things I can control in my life.

I cannot control whether DH is going to have a good day or bad day in dementialand, or when/if he will return to a nursing home environment.

I can control being as healthy as possible, and as strong as possible by eating on plan and doing my exercises, building my strength which is also reducing stress.

For me, as for all of us, this is a very personal and unique journey that will last for the rest of my life, to be the Best of my Life!

emoticon day at a time!

Day 35--July 24, 2014

Day 35- The Eating Pause

This is a skill I have been working on attaining for some time now. To be able to "eat like a naturally thing person". It's a work in progress.

As I have been focusing more on savoring food, and on hunger/fullness levels I am also eating specific, healthy portions which are less likely to give me a pause.

At a restaurant though, I do sometimes experience this.

I rarely eat pancakes, they are an occasional treat and when I order blueberry pancakes, even though it's a half order, I will usually reach the pause point about 2/3 of the way full. They taste wonderful and I could easily eat the rest, and then feel too full afterwards as they lay in my stomach like a sponge soaking up any fluids I consume for a couple of hours afterwards.

I also agree with the previous posters on the 100 Days team, that there is a "this took the edge off" pause and then the Goldilock's "this amount was just right" sigh.

One of our newer members IAMJOYFUL has a goal of making every meal a meditation. I think this also relates. As we focus on our bodies during our meal and pay attention, eventually the message will get through all the background noise.

This is a gold star lesson for me!

Updated 1:00 PM

It happened at my main meal! I think these lessons are raising my awareness level, which is a good thing. Instead of a small village salad with grilled chicken, I ordered a medium one without the chicken. That pause happened about 2/3 of the way through. I stopped took a sip of water, realized I was comfortably full, and pushed the plate away. I did get chided by DH for ordering a larger salad, but I didn't let it make me eat more. I just said "I thought I was hungrier than that. I’m done now." and he accepted that.

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Day 31- July 20, 2014

Day 31- Hunger Levels

Hunger Levels
0 = Neutral, not hungry, not full
-1 = A little hungry
-2 = Very hungry
-3 = Starved, way too hungry

I first learned about rating my hunger and satiety (which I think is the next day here) around 2004 in my WW meetings when they rolled out the Core plan.

When I was completely off any type of healthy eating plan, I was never hungry because I was eating 2-3 times the amount my body needed, every single day!

For the most part my meals are now eaten somewhat on schedule, keeping in mind that my schedule revolves around the needs of someone else.

With his dementia it is just more peaceful to eat on his schedule than on mine.

What I have observed is that if I'm not at least a -1 on the hunger scale when he is ready to eat, I can eat something light, such as a non-fat yogurt or a piece of fruit and that will satisfy his need for me to sit and eat with him, without resulting in me feeling overstuffed.

The only time my hunger has reached -2 level lately was the day of his neurosurgeon appointment when we ate 3 hours later than usual because life got in the way. He doesn't have another neuro appointment for at least 6 months. Next time I will pack a small healthy snack in my purse for both of us to ward that off at the -1 sign.

-1 to me doesn't mean we need to eat a LOT of food, it just means we need something.

My experience has also taught me -1 could just mean I am thirsty and a glass of water might be all I need.

Once I determine if I am hungry, the next steps are:
-How hungry am I? What time did I eat last?
-What type of food does my body need now? (fruit/veggie, protein,carb?)
-When is my next meal (if I am hungry a long way from the next meal time)

I am looking forward to this next ten days lessons to help me strengthen my hunger/satiety awareness. When I reach goal and maintenance I want to eventually be able to eat "instinctively" without counting points the rest of my life.

Day 32- July 21, 2014

Day 32- The 5 hour rule

Don't allow yourself to get to the starving level -3 of hunger. Eat at least every 5 hours to avoid this, even if you aren't feeling physical signs of hunger yet.

I used to be that way. I would eat breakfast at McDonald's drive thru on the way to work, around 8 AM, and then work would be busy and it might be 4 PM before I realize I hadn't squeezed in lunch and would eat Arby's drive thru on the way to the nursing home to visit DH and then top all of that off with a can of beefaroni and two entire packages of juju fish (5 servings each) at 8 PM.

I'm not that way anymore and I can definitely relate to not going too long between meals.

Now, after breakfast it is 4-5 hours until my main meal, another 4-5 before my light meal, and then I might or might not have a snack later if I am hungry before bedtime. Most of the time, I am not.

Day 33 --July 22,2014

Day 33, The Fullness Scale

Fullness Levels
0 = Neutral, not hungry, not full
+1 = Satisfied, comfortable, just right
+2 = Too full, a little uncomfortable
+3 = Stuffed, miserable

As with hunger levels, I have been aware of satiety levels since around 2004 when Weight Watchers rolled out the Core plan.

When I was gaining weight and not following a program, I used to eat to a level +2 most of the time and a +3 about once or twice a week.

Speed eating and using food as my drug of choice to deal with the emotional stress in my life led to eating large volumes of food without realizing I was no longer hungry, until around midnight when a gallbladder attack would begin. I would be stuffed, bloated and miserable. That was usually followed by skipping breakfast the next morning along with starting the whole speed eat/stuff routine at lunch because now I was starving!

I had emergency gallbladder surgery in October 2012. The few weeks after that I could barely eat anything without getting sick. I had to relearn how to eat. And once I was able to start eating most foods again, those old habits came right back.

That was then.

NOW I am following my 2003/2004 Weight Watchers turnaround plan and currently doing the Flex/Points portion where I get a specific number of daily points along with an additional 35 weekly (flex) points to go with them. I focus on getting in at least 5 servings of fruit/vegetables, 3 servings of non-fat dairy products and my minimum 8 cups of water. I eat on a somewhat regular schedule and I am almost never hungry.

Most of the time I am already eating to the +1 stage and once in awhile a +2. Recently I have been more aware of the +1 as my eating speed has slowed and I am focusing more on savoring my food.

At some point, if my loss plateaus, I would like to switch to Core for a few weeks and this will involve having a strong awareness of hunger and satiety. Core foods are non-measured, healthy foods along with one serving of pasta or potato per day, and you still have the 35 flex points per week for non-Core items if needed.

I remember when I started on WW I had 34 points a day and when I had lost a certain amount, they dropped to 32. In a panic I looked in my member booklet and saw that at my goal weight I was going to get 22 a day! HOW was I going to do this without starving! My leader assured me that as my body became smaller, my needs would also go down and that I would be fine, also that when I reached the maintenance level I would be able to eat a couple of more points a day to stay the same.

As with so many other things, she was right.

The same would go with calories per day. Spark People's nutrition trackers give us a daily range (sort of like my weekly flex) and the range adjusts as we exercise or as we lose weight. For those who do not wish to eat the calories they earn from exercise, since the system now defaults to this, they need to go in and edit that and then the range will only adjust with weight loss.

Either way, points or calories, knowing when I'm satisfied is a skill I am continuing to focus on and be able to learn just how much my body needs.

Another reason I cannot dare to go to the +2 level or the +3 level is my role as caregiver. I do a lot of bending and lifting. The empty wheelchair is 45 pounds, put my husband in it and we are close to a combined 250. Trying to maneuver all that with an overfull stomach would just make me miserable.

For today's exercise I practiced with my morning measured out bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter and skim milk. +1 arrived with about 3 tablespoons of oatmeal left in the bowl. I threw it out and am comfortable in the knowledge that if I feel hungry prior to our main meal, there is some fresh cantaloupe cut up in the fridge that will tide me over.

Onward & Downward!

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Day 26 - July 15, 2014

Day 26--When Food Disappoints You

This one is a challenge for me. I am struggling with all these "eat a treat" or "eat a favorite food" ideas as I have been doing so well on my healthy eating program

and I think what it boils down to is the "old" favorites really don't please me anymore.

I found that out with the cheescake a few days ago and I don't think I need to repeat that so I will use that experience to reflect on today.

I bought a piece of cheesecake for the two bite exercise. I ate two bites and mashed the rest up with my fork (for some perverse reason it felt good to exercise this power over the food) and then threw it way.

The two bites I had were creamy and good, just that mentally those 5 WW points would have gotten me a nice size bowl of fruit with non-fat yogurt and tasted better, been healthier for me and more satisfying.

Thus I would say the cheesecake DID disappoint me and I reacted accordingly.

Day 27 - July 16, 2014

Day 27 -- Eat Dessert When It's Special

I rarely want dessert. On the occasions that I do, it is usually a replacement for my light meal of the day.

Desserts that are special:

-Birthday cake
-Anniversary cake
-Pumpkin pie
-Schnecken ( a german cookie that takes two days to make)

Occasions that would be special:

-Birthdays (there are only two in the household)

-Our Wedding Anniversary



We have cake in the house every single day, for my DH and made with diet soda. Most days I can ignore it. Some days I cannot, and will have one very small serving with a cup of coffee. That serving fits into my eating plan and I don't view eating it as a bad thing. This happens maybe 1 or 2 times a month.

Again, since I have no forbidden foods, while I would agree eating dessert daily would be at the detriment of eating healthier foods, I don't think it's a big deal to eat it when I want to, not everyday.

Day 28 - July 17, 2014

Day 28 -- Eating food just because it's there

I don't eat food "just because it's there".

I eat when my body needs fuel to replenish itself, to gain the nutrients needs for cell regeneration, muscle growth and energy.

PS- I have become more aware and eliminated bites,licks and tastes when baking :D

Day 29- July 18, 2014

Day 29 - Hand Held Foods

I am thinking that out of the 100 days there is bound to be a couple that just don't apply to me, and this is one of them.

During my work life this would definitely have benefited me. Now , not so much.

I am supposed to take one small serving of a handheld food and eat it with a spoon or a fork, and then observe my findings.

The only handheld foods in the house right now are my husband's bake potato chips which I have no interest in whatsoever (not a salty snack person) and bananas.

I don't know what I will really learn from eating a banana with a knife and fork and will work on opening my mind to the experience and come back and report my findings later. It just seems like a silly exercise although if it were done with M&M's and a spoon, that would probably induce giggle fits.

I don't feel like wasting points on M & M's and would have to go buy them for the sake of this exercise. I need a banana in my day for my 5 servings of fruits/veggies so that is what it will be.

Around noon I ate the banana, cut up in slices on a dessert plate, with a fork.

It felt weird and foreign. The banana tasted sweet and creamy and as I was eating it I thought about how there are times when emotional eating caused me to crave something of this texture and taste and that it would be a good one to substitute for the creamy desserts I used to go after then,like cheesecake.

Day 30- July 19, 2014

Day 30 - Postpone Eating

~ watch for places where you can postpone eating. Hold off as long as possible, especially with snack foods or sweets.

~ record each of the foods you postponed and then note how much you ate compared to your usual amount.

~ notice whether by postponing eating, you're able to skip some foods entirely.

I did this when we went out to eat on Tuesday after DH's neurosurgeon's appointment. The doctor was running 3 hours late which pushed our meal time a couple of hours beyond the normal time.

I skipped the soup portion knowing I had plenty of good food coming and didn't really need soup AND coleslaw at the beginning of my meal. The coleslaw portion was around 1/2 cup and they brought us a bread basket with four thick slices of fresh Greek bread and pats of butter. I ate one piece slowly savoring the taste and textures of the bread and butter. I then sat the basket on the side of the table and ignored it.

I just didn't need more.

In the past I would have eaten 3 of those slices before my meal to fill up and eliminate the hunger. I remembered Beth's post (she is about 20 days ahead of me) about how no matter how hungry you are your body doesn't need MORE food than usual to satisfy it's needs.

And, it didn't. Felt great!

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Day 21- July 10, 2014

Day 21 Eat with awareness

• Prepare yourself for having a “mindful-eating” meal Describe your setting here

Had I read the lesson last night I could have done this at breakfast.

OK so for the main meal, which will be at a restaurant, no smartphones at the table, focus on the food and the company, probably will have tv's on in the background and will work to avoid noticing them.
• Record your observations.

We went to a local coney island/family dining restaurant for our main meal.

I had a village salad ( a greek salad that contains no lettuce). I skip the pepperoncini and the dressing in this salad as the feta and the beets have it moist enough already. It is served with a dry, grilled pita bread.

After thoroughly mixing the salad ingredients together I began my experiment:

-first bite I could taste the cool, creaminess of the feta mixed in with the mild bite of the red onions
-first bite of pita I observed the crunchiness and the texture
-as I bit into one of the two black olives that come in the salad, I noticed the rubbery texture and the salty taste from the brine

I continued to observe the creaminess of the feta throughout the salad and the crunchiness of the pita.

It wasn't a perfect exercise as there was a lot of background noise and distraction when my dear husband spilled his diet coke all over the table and himself and twice again when he was choking and needed assistance. He has permanent vocal chord damage from when he was on life support a couple years ago and this is just a daily occurrence for us.

• Add a few notes about how it feels to eat a meal using that much focus and
total awareness.

It felt like work as I wasn't able to fully focus the way the exercise wanted me to. It also helped me to slow down the pace of my eat, savor my food and enjoy it more. I was satisfied with the salad without adding dressing or meat toppings. There was enough protein in the feta and a good mixture of salad ingredients including tomato, red onion, green pepper, cucumber and beets along with crumbled feta a couple of black olives.

Day 22- July 11, 2014

Day 22 Multitask with Food

For years I was a closet eater. I would eat healthful foods in the presence of others, then scarf down the bad stuff either in my car or at night, home alone after visiting my DH at the nursing home. It is amazing how much crud you can shove down your throat without even realizing it.

A typical day "before" would have been:

Breakfast eaten in the car on the way to work: 2 McDonald's sausage McMuffins, large orange juice

Lunch out at a restaurant: Burger & fries with a piece of turtle cheesecake for dessert, or some other fat laden meal

Dinner on sofa at 8 PM: Can of beefaroni and two entire packages of red juju fish.


The stress was bad enough, I was eating at least twice the daily amount needed to sustain myself.

A normal day NOW:

Breakfast- Oatmeal with JifWhip peanut butter and skim milk

Main Meal- Salad with soup or grilled chicken, and pita bread or eggbeater veggie omelette with tomato slices and rye toast

Light Meal- fruit with non-fat yogurt or veggies with fat free cottage cheese

Multitasking while eating is pretty much my norm and now that I am a 24/7 caregiver, closet eating has pretty much 95% disappeared from my life.

I sure like the new me a heckuva lot better!

Day 23- July 12, 2014

ay 23- Savoring food

The book says to do this with chocolate or cheesecake or some other favorite food.

Sorry but I did the cheesecake thing on the Just Two bites exercise a couple of days ago and it ticked me off to waste 5 WW points on 2 bites of cheesecake!

OK, I'm a points miser. I'd rather use them on something more filling. Hmm, maybe I learned a lesson earlier than the book as I'm really on day # 225 of this journey to health, just on day#23 here.

For savoring, I chose a small piece of banana flip cake made with diet soda and that piece measured in at 3 WW points.

I chewed slowly, savoring the flavor blend of banana in the cake and the buttercream whipped frosting. After two bites, I didn't want more.

I also had a cup of coffee with it. I drink my coffee black, and I finished the coffee but in reality, after being almost completely sugar free for awhile, the frosting tasted too sweet for me to want to eat more.

Today was a good day for this exercise as my flex points reset tomorrow morning and I didn't mind using 3 of them for this test.

I am sure someone else might read this and think"Why count it, it's just two bites" but my theory is my body knows I ate it, so I still need to count it.

Day 24 -July 13, 2014

Day # 24 Eat for Satisfaction

My eating plan has no forbidden foods, just portion controlled ones.

Satisfaction for me is depending on my mood. When I am stressed or angry I want something that is crunchy to bite my way through that mood. An apple or some baby carrots are my choice.

When I am sad, depressed, worried is when I crave creamy or gooey things and want the smoothness of mashed potatoes or the creaminess of cheesecake. I can now also get that texture from nonfat yogurt or a nice bowl of peanut butter oatmeal. Other choices might by sugar free jello or sugar free/fat free pudding or a skinny cow ice cream sandwich.

Sometimes I do not know what I want, I just want " something" and those are the times it is probably emotions and not hunger. If I am not aware of which texture I am craving, and trying to console myself with food, when a crunchy thing doesn't satisfy me I need to remember to switch to a creamy one. And if neither do, then I definitely wasn't hungry in the first place!

Easy to say, not always easy to remember, yet.

Day # 25 July 14, 2014

Day 25 - Smaller amounts, less often

We are supposed to make a list of our favorite foods and plan how to fit small amounts of them into our eating plan:

Since my eating plan has no forbidden foods, I think I am already hitting all my favorites on occasion in small amounts.

Cheesecake- I used to crave it constantly. I did buy a small slice on the day we did the two bite exercise, and it didn't taste as good as I had remembered. Enjoyed the two bites, destroyed the rest.

Baked Macaroni & Cheese- When I want this is usually in the colder weather and I'm wanting comfort food. I have a recipe to make a 4 serving size with whole wheat pasta and soy cheese which comes out bubbly, crust on the cheese and tastes great. My DH doesn't eat pasta so when I make this I need to spread the servings out over a couple of days, or maybe eat half that week and free the other two portions for another time.

I do like ribs and we haven't had any in about 6 weeks because DH is "tired of them". When we had them, they would be delivered from a local pizza place and I usually had a grilled chicken salad. He never finishes all his ribs and would give one to me. It was just enough to satisfy me along with my salad.

I am sure I will think of others and will come back and edit this post when I do!

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Day 16 (July 5, 2014)

Day 16 is today

• Intentionally eat something that will help you feel better. Eliminate any thoughts
of guilt or remorse as you eat this food. Write down what you ate and why you
chose it.

Baby carrots

• After two bites, stop! Remind yourself that your needs have been met and eating
more of the food won’t increase your healing level. Then give away or toss
whatever food is left. Describe what you did with this part of the food.

I needed the crunch to work off some emotional stress. It worked!

• Write about how you felt doing this exercise. Also, notice what level of
satisfaction you experienced as you ate the first two bites of the food.

Relief of stress. Could feel the tension easing. The sweet taste of the natural sugars in the carrots. I chewed each one really well to the point it was almost like chewing gum!

Day 17 (July 6, 2014)

• Throw some food away. It can be a tiny amount or a large amount. Remember,
by wasting it into the garbage, you’re not wasting it into yourself. Write down what
you threw away.

I have none to throw away. There are literally no leftovers in the house! I think this is a good exercise for those who have the problem of eating everything on the plate, but that doesn't describe me anymore.

• In the space bellow, list all of the foods you let go of today. Make a note about
how it felt to throw food away, then add a few thoughts on how you’ll manage
leftover food in the future.

We eat our main meal out every day this time of year. That is not by my choice, it is his and I cannot change him. I normally do stop eating when I reach satiety and will leave sometimes as much as 1/3 of my meal uneaten on the plate, though more often it's a few bites left at the end.

When I do cook, I always cook for two days. Whatever is left at the end of day two goes in the trash, unless it's turkey and then we go 3 days.

• Think about ways you can prevent having excess food around in the first place.
Write your notes below.

Exercise portion control.

Maintain a "soup bag" in the freezer to dump scraps of leftover meat, leftover veggies and potatoes in to. When the bag is full, make soup!

At a restaurant, ask for doggy bag at beginning of meal and put 1/2 into it before you eat your first bite.

Day 18 - July 7, 2014

Day # 18
Think about all the places you’ve heard messages related to cleaning your plate.Record all the phrases you remember and where you heard them. Then tell
yourself these old clean-your-plate messages no longer apply to your life.

My Mom's favorite saying "Children are starving in Europe." and my get yourself in trouble rebuttal "Can we send it to them then?" LOL!

• Write down some “Never clean your plate” rules that show your new attitude.

Never clean your plate out of anger towards your mate.

Never clean your plate, instead take care of your body and your health.

Day 19- July 8, 2014
Day # 19

• With each of the foods you eat today, take the amount you think is your
designated serving size. Then weigh or measure the food and see how close
you came to being correct. Record the foods as well as how accurate you were.

With my morning oatmeal the 1/2 cup (dry) measuring cup sits right inside the container so that part I know is accurate. I measured the peanut butter and have been pretty close with eyeballing, and had no clue how to measure the skim milk once it's already poured into the oats, and decided I didn't get fat drinking skim milk, so I'm just not going to worry about it.

• Repeat this exercise until you are confident about your estimating skills. Write
down any foods that you might need to monitor for correct serving sizes.

Chicken breast on top of salad at's cut up and I really have no clue how many ounces so I guesstimate it at 5 or 6, but it could be as little as 3 or 4 or as much as 7 or 8?

The next time I will ask the waitress if she knows how many ounces or I might need to take half home, weigh that part to know for sure?

• In the space below, write down your ideal serving size for the food items you eat
most often.

One cup cooked oatmeal
One serving of meat, whatever kind I am having, usually chicken breast.
One cup potatoes or pasta
Unlimited veggies
One serving of fruit (one cup or one item)

Day 20 July 9, 2014

Day # 20
• Divide several of your food items in half, then eat only that much. Write down
the foods you do this with.

Veggie omelet

• Do this half-off special with at least five foods. List them below.

I didn't. I count points for the full amount, and I stop eating at satiety. It's the best I can do.

I am not always going to agree with Linda's guidelines 100%

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Susan's Days continued:

Day 13 - July 2, 2014

• Write down the times of the day when you plan to eat your meals and snacks.

6 am coffee

8-8:30 am breakfast

Noon to 1pm main meal

5 or 6 light meal

Day 14- July 3,2014

• Set a goal of eating breakfast every day for the next week. In the space below,
record what you ate.

This is easy, I already do. PB oatmeal w/skim milk

• If you wish, you can split your breakfast into two mini-meals and eat the second
one mid-morning. Write your ideas here.
• Plan a couple of options for late-afternoon snacks. List them here so you’ll
remember your ideas.

Cup of milk
Piece of fruit
Not much of a snacker

Day 15- July 4, 2014 **I DID NOT LIKE THIS ONE**

• Choose one of your favorite foods such as carrot cake, and then focus on all the
details and tastes of the first two bites. Let yourself appreciate the flavors. Write
down the food you choose for this exercise.

• After the first two bites, stop eating and get rid of the rest of the food. In the
space below, describe your response to this experience.

I bought a small slice of cheesecake that had chocolate swirled on top. The entire slice would have been, at best, 4 bites.

The two bites were creamy, smooth, melt in your mouth goodness. To keep myself from eating the rest, I smashed it up with my fork and threw it in the trash.

Honestly, as good as it tastes, I would have preferred my fruit/non fat yogurt snack of one cup mixed berries, one sliced banana with a container of non-fat strawberry yogurt stirred into it, for the same point value as those two bites.

Might, they be worth it in the future, if I were craving it, perhaps. I think where the two bites comes into play for me, would be more like at a Holiday buffet where there is so much food to choose from that you put just one spoonful (two bites worth) of each item on your plate.

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Susan's Days Continued:

Day 9 - June 28, 2014

1. If you see me eating something that’s not on my diet plan

There are no foods that I can not have, as long as portion is controlled.

2. When I’m making progress, such as losing weight
___ Compliment me on how I look

3. When I’m struggling or gaining weight
___ Hug me and show me extra affection

4. When I’m making progress you can’t see (such as improving my self-esteem)

_ Give myself non-food gifts or rewards

5. When I’ve maintained my weight (even though I may still want to lose more)
___ Tell me you are proud of my current efforts
___ Compliment me on my looks and my efforts

Day 10 - June 29, 2014

This exercise, I am not sure I can do the way intended. I am not about to ask Gary for a compliment as he will make a snarky remark instead, and I get enough of those already.

Compliments I have received from others:

You look great! How much have you lost?

I replied "Thanks! X pounds with a lot of motivation and support from Spark People"

Other things I might say:

"Thank you! I've lost a lot, but I have a ways more to go."

Or simply "Thank you! My old WW Flex plan is really working for me" and completely ignore the how much part of the question.

Day 11- June 30, 2014

Each time you eat something, write down the time that you ate it. Include all of your meals as well as snacks and nibbles. At the end of the day, count the
number of times you took in fuel. Include the total below.

Including the snack I will have around 7:30, 4 times, and that is fairly much the norm although I don't always have a snack.

• Plan ways to space your fuel stops between three to four hours apart. Record
your ideas here.

I could eat something when I wake up at 6, like a banana or a cup of skim milk,
Then breakfast with Gary, around 8 , then lunch/main meal is around noon or 1, then I have the light meal around 4 or 5, then snack before bed but I really don't need the banana or milk at 6, I'm not hungry then, just want my coffee

• Notice whether having regular fuel stops during the day improves your energy
and your focus.

My energy and focus are just fine. I think this exercise would have been good at the beginning of my journey, but right now, I'm where I need to be already.

Day 12- July 1,2014

• Record each of the foods you eat today, then rate each one based on whether
it provides fuel or filler.

I am just about 100% in the fuel category lately:)

• At the end of the day, determine how well you met your fuel needs. Describe this.

I have energy, I don't feel bloated, I am neither starving nor stuffed

• Decide whether you need to replace some filler items with healthy foods that
provide more fuel. Write down a few notes on this.

I need to get to the grocery store so I can buy some more berries and yogurts, probably Thursday this week.

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Susan's Days continued:

Day 6 - June 25, 2014

• Watch for chances to respond to food invitations by using the line, “Not just yet;
I’m going to wait a little while.” Describe these below.

At a party
At someone's house
At the Holidays

• Identify at least three high-risk times or events such as family gatherings or quiet
weekends. Describe how you’ll protect your diet program during each of these.

When I am angry--Take a breath, and stop taking yourself so seriously!

If Gary takes an extended nap--focus on healthy foods/snacks and a diet soda

Day full of doctors appointments and such --eat a healthy breakfast at home first, put an apple in purse for later
• Do at least one thing today that reinforces your determination to protect your
program at all costs. Write down what you did.

Continue on with leading the 100 Days team on Spark.

Day 7 - June 26, 2014

• Write the words “I can do it” below. Mentally remind yourself of this phrase at
least 10 times today. Use this to cheerlead yourself through the entire day!

I CAN do it, I WILL do it, I AM doing it! WOO HOO!!!!

• In the space below, write “I can do it because…” then add a few supportive
phrases such as “I’m capable of doing anything.”

I am strong
I am organized
I've got God on it
I have learned to give up Perfectionism, and be persistent

• Read your phrases often, using them to reinforce your goals and build your
enthusiasm. Write a few notes about how this helps you.

Strong affirmations and positive self talk is building a stronger self image, a more confident individual.

Today's lesson made me think of Helen Reddy….I am STRONG I am INVINCIBLE, I AM SUSAN!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 8 - June 27, 2014
• In the space below, write a list of things that people are always welcome to say
or do in regard to your weight-loss efforts. Examples might include offer you
compliments, protect you from dessert, or clear the table after meals.

Don't hover over me at the scale on weigh in day.
Do be willing to eat at home once in awhile.

• Create another list of things you don’t ever want people to do such as snatch
your plate away, give you lectures, or admonish, “You’re not supposed to be
eating that.”

Don't tell me I eat to fast!

• Read both lists to your support people including your spouse, your children,
and your best friend.

Yeah, good luck with that. The man gets all pouty and bursts into tears for Pete's sake!

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Susan's Day's:

Day 1 - June 20, 2014

I used to be that way but now I _____________

I used to have Perfectionist thinking and if I went "off" plan or ate a "bad" food that was the turning point that led to a binge that lasted for days/months/years and a lot of weight regained, but now I realize I need to focus on being about 90% perfect and let the rest take care of itself. If I do eat something slightly off plan, I get back on at the next meal or the next day and continue on my path to goal.

Day # 2 June 21, 2014

• Decide that you will always be committed to your weight-loss plan, not just
interested. Write a declaration about your new level of commitment.

This is for the rest of my life, to be the best of my life.

• Now describe how you will stick with your program, no matter what .
I will remain committed to a healthy lifestyle of eating within points range with reasonable overages no more than 3 days per month, and with an average of one hour of fitness per day NO MATTER WHAT!

• Do at least one thing today that demonstrates you are truly committed. For
example, take a walk or eat your vegetables—no matter what. Then write
down your action so you can celebrate it.

Today I am committed to staying on my WW plan, getting in at least 20 minutes on bike and drinking my water. I will have other forms of exercise in my day, such as Gary's caregiving and housework as well.

Day # 3 June 22, 2014

• In your diet or exercise plan, identify a task you don’t feel like doing, and then
do it anyway! Record it here.
This morning it was getting out of bed when the alarm went off. I was tempted to turn it off and fall back asleep, and then remembered this lesson and made myself get up.

• Notice how it feels to accomplish a goal by taking a “no matter what” approach
to it. Describe your reaction.

Bring it!

• Make a list of several actions you plan to stick with today, regardless of how you
feel at the moment.

Finish ALL of my "to do" list today, no more moving things forward!

Day # 4 June 23, 2014

• Think about how you could define your narrow diet road compared to your wider
diet road. Be as specific as you can.

On the 2003 WW Flex Plan I am currently getting 30 points a day plus 35 weekly flex points.

My narrow path might be a week where I use zero of my weekly flex and definitely do not use any activity points.

My wider path would be going into "maintenance phase" where I add back four points per day, and also have my 35 flex available.

• Under each of the two columns below, make a list of your eating and exercise
plans for that particular road. Include types of foods, amounts, and locations for
eating them. Also, write down your exercise plans for both columns.

Narrow Road
Standard breakfast PB Oatmeal w/skim= 8 points

Lunch/Dinner out: Veggie Omelette with eggbeaters, tomato slices, rye toast (2) w/ butter = 8 points
Or Village Salad with pita, no dressing = 6 points

Add grilled chicken = 4 additional points

Third meal of day (Lunch or Dinner): Fat free cottage cheese with veggies =3 points

Wider Road

To the above, allow a piece of cake for our Anniversary or a Birthday = 12 points

Dinner Out for special occasion might be a small steak = 12 points with Baked Potato, plain =5 points and veggies/salad no dressing

In other words, not completely off the path, just a little broader guidelines.

On rare occasions breakfast out might be "real" scrambled eggs - 5 points with ham - 4 points and rye toast - 5 points

• Decide on ways you can be flexible with each of these boundaries without losing
sight of the healthy road you want to follow. Add a few notes below.

It is important to have some variety, or it will get boring. It is also important to use some or all of my points each day so that my body doesn't think it is going into a starvation mode and start holding onto fat that it should be letting go. Also, it is important to realize if I eat something, whether I record it or not, my body still knows I had it.

Day # 5 June 24, 2014

• Whenever you think about a particular food you want, write it down in your
notebook. Practice this today by writing a couple of your favorite food in the
space below.

Macaroni & Cheese

• Plan that you’ll eat the food at another time. With the foods you listed above,
describe the amount you’ll have and how often you’ll fit it into your program.

I probably won't want Mac & Cheese until the Fall, at which point I can buy the ingredients to make the Veggie Shreds Mac & Cheese

Pizza, is something my husband is currently "tired of" so until he wants it again, I can wait. When he does, I have no problems with 2 slices as part of a healthy meal once every week or two.

Gnocchi, no issues here other than I need to buy it and the sauce to go on top, unless we go to Pia's.

• Stretch the times farther apart for eating this food. You may discover that after a
while, certain foods don’t seem as important to you as they once did. Add notes
below on what you learn from using your magic notebook.

The longer I go without sugary sweets, the less and less I crave them.

There *IS* a world without cheesecake LOL!

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