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2/14/16 10:58 A

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No dairy for me either

2/14/16 10:31 A

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I have been off dairy for years. The Daiya Cheese is highly processed and contains canola oil. Canola is not part of my diet; I avoid fake and highly processed foods. Treeline brand cheese is wonderful. Cashew cheese and other nut cheeses can be made at home. To learn more about dairy, the book titled The China Study is an excellent resource.

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2/13/16 10:39 A

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I haven't noticed a difference when I don't have dairy.

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2/11/16 4:46 P

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I have not posted in a long time, but I have a terrible outbreak of Dermatitis Herpetiformis right now and it wasn't caused by Gluten. I don't normally drink milk and I eat very little cheese. I have been drinking Almond Milk for years.

Well I had a luscious piece of GF chocolate cake the other day and I was out of Almond Milk so I drank regular milk.

Have mercy, I'm covered in blisters. I just learned the hard way that milk contains iodine which can cause the same type of rash as Gluten.

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1/22/16 8:02 P

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It is usually recommended to stay away from dairy a full year after diagnosed with Celiac. I do better without dairy -- feel less bloated. There are other alternatives to cheese. I think when you have celiac disease there are other allergies as well. Just be prepared to change your diet. Feeling good and eating good is better than having something that can make you sick. Having Celiac disease makes us so in tune to what we eat and how it makes you feel. Everyday can be a challenge but clean eating is great.
Happy eating!!

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1/22/16 4:10 A

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I'm both GF and dairy free (I'm allergic/highly sensitive to both, plus a whole bunch of other things). Being diagnosed with a dairy allergy was rough since I use to also be addicted to cheese. In the past, I've gone and binged on pizza and I ended up getting really swollen and bloated and whatnot. I've been following my strict allergy-free diet 100% now since September and it's amazing. When I actually eat clean, my body is happy. Now, I simply don't want cheese and I don't miss it There are alternatives you can look at, but the only brand I can have is Daiya - not worth it. There are some nut based ones and soy based alternatives that might be worth it, but I'm allergic to those as well. I'd say try it and see what happens. It takes about a month for a cleanse to work, so see how you feel after a month of no dairy. If you feel better, then you have your answer!


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1/21/16 9:57 P

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I haven't been diagnosed as having celiac disease because I don't have insurance to get tested and don't want a positive test to increase my insurance rates when I get it. I do know though that I am definitely at least intolerant because I have a long list of symptoms that go away off gluten and come back when I reintroduce it. I've also noticed I have a problem with grains in general. I read this could be a problem because your body can have the same immune reactions to it. I read giving up dairy is beneficial too. The problem though is I'm heavily addicted to cheese and was just wondering if anyone actually saw any benefit off it versus keeping it in their diet. Thanks in advance.

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