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3/4/12 9:18 A

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This post has helped me so much and I just wanted to thank you!!!!

2/5/12 4:35 P

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Thank you for this post, it is so helpful. I was diagnosed with PCOS last week & my GP has been very unhelpful at explaining what Poly cystic Ovaries are, what Insulin Resistance is, what the symptoms are (other than the really obvious period problems) & what I can expect to happen in the future. She even tried to ignore my resistance to being put on the pill, so after I've been for a scan at the hospital, she'll put me on Metformin (without even explaining what that was for) - believe it or not, she told me to research it on the internet!!!!

Right at the moment I feel tearful because I don't know how to help myself to make things better. So, your post has really helped in simplifying what the problem is, so I thank you.

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4/9/11 8:11 P

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Thank you so much for this post. I was diagnosed with PCOS 2 years ago and I think it's finally sinking in. I've been faithfully taking my spironolactone and metformin, but it is my dream to get off of this medicine someday which is why I'm trying so hard to lose weight. One thing I never really thought about is my low energy levels. I never realized that was attached to my PCOS until your post. It is so hard for me to lose weight now that I have given up so many times. I recently found sparkpeople and just found this forum tonight. I'm really excited about meeting people with my similar situation as no one in my life understands what PCOS is.
I look forward to losing weight with you all.


4/8/11 1:35 P

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After years of explaining this to friends/family, I thought I would try and help our team with an explanation that seems to be easier to comprehend. Imagine you are insulin and your best friend is sugar. When you used to get together you had lots of energetic fun. Now when you try to get together, there is always a door that seems to be LOCKED between you. That door is our insulin receptors! We have to make our bodies UNLOCK that door...which if often easier said than done. The reason many of us take Metformin instead of a lot of other "diabetic" meds is because we usually don't have a problem making insulin, or have a problem eating enough sugars. It's as if the Metformin is the "secret code" to help unlock that door so we can be with our friend again. Other diabetic pills aren't usually insulin sensitizing agents so they don't help us as much. Our poor pancreas just keeps making more and more insulin because it can tell that we have so much sugar in our blood that it's probably similar to pancake syrup. Our brain knows we don't have any energy to keep us going, and it can't figure out why, so it tells us to 'Eat more sugar, eat more carbs" to try and fix the problem. (Ever notice how you sometimes go on sugar binges for no apparent reason?? That's when your insulin resistance is at it's WORST and your body is trying to compensate...unknowingly making the problem even worse.) **One way that we can help with this problem is by eating fewer carbs and by eating complex carbs. This will give our pancreas a bit of a break from producing the extra insulin that we don't need since we can't use it all anyway. Also, if we can remember to eat proteins (nuts, meat, eggs, etc), healthy fats, or fiber WITH the carbs we eat it helps the sugar to process much more slowly and will signal the pancreas to not make as much insulin. Gaining muscle and burning off fat also seems to make that door open for us. The same goes for exercise because it also acts as a secret key to unlock that door. (This is always ironic since the energy formula for a healthy person DOES NOT work for us. *sugar+insulin=ENERGY* For us, that (plus+) sign -AKA the door or (receptor), is broken and we have to trick it into working again. Our biggest challenge with this disease seems to be learning to FIGHT against our own bodies. We already don't have much energy, so pushing through will help us even when we think we can't go any more. It's not that we are lazy, people! Please don't let anyone make you feel that way. We have a brutal disease that zaps us of our energy, but we will continue to find ways to break through these obstacles together!!!
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