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Thanks for this, Popeye. You absolutely covered the important points! Piggybacking on what you wrote, and maybe offering a little bit of that bluntness you (and I) are famous for:

The goal is to help, not hurt.

And having written that, I have to tell you that sometimes the most innocuous things will hurt others. I once felt obliged - in a writer's group - to let a participant know that people in the time of Jesus did not speak Yiddish. I suggested that she research Aramaic.

She wrote me a three page letter telling me what an awful person I was to bring that up. You all can see where I'm going with this.

When you offer a critique, think about the person first and the writing second! And if you're on the receiving end of criticism, please do the same.

Stacy, KS

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cri·tique (kr-tk) n.

1. A critical review or commentary, especially one dealing with works of art or literature.
2. A critical discussion of a specified topic.


French, from Greek kritik (tekhn), (art) of criticism, feminine of kritikos, critical; see critic.

The Art of Criticism:

Critique has been used as a verb meaning "to review or discuss critically" since the 18th century, but lately this usage has gained much wider currency, in part because the verb criticize, once neutral between praise and censure, is now mainly used in a negative sense.

Our critiques are going to be held to the same standard that medicine makes their doctors adhere to. FIRST, WE WILL DO NO HARM!

Artists, and writers are in training to be artists (or at the very least, journeyman), have been known to be tempermental and emotional. That's pretty easy to understand for me, one is "creating" their child. Not a flesh and blood child, but one that has still wrung sweat, maybe tears, and possibly even throwing fits, out of your psyche.

You can ask me if my "baby" needs a haircut, but don't tell me it's hair makes it look like something its not. You can suggest a style of clothing for my "child", but don't tell me he/she looks ugly in what she/he is clothed.

Be honest, just don't be mean. We've all seen food critics or book or movie critics who because they feel they are out of the line of fire, they can flay the emotional skin off of your inner self.

Someone doing a critique of my work and doing it to help me could say: "Bob, in the first three paragraphs, you changed voice twice. I didn't understand why, but it made me confused about what was taking place".

As we get our site set up the way we want it to be, I am already volunteering to use my first chapter to be critiqued.

Putting something on our Critique Thread will never be mandatory for anyone. It can give you great insight into how you can improve your work - and you don't even have to share if you used any persons critique/suggestions..

If anyone ever feels like someone took advantage of your work and you feel built up, please Sparkmail me. I have a great deal of experience dealing with my feelings, and I have been the leader of a team where feelings, emotions, and PAIN were so raw I had to walk away from my computer for awhile. If my persuasive abilities fail me, I'll tell my good friend "Vinnie" to drop by your place. Vinnie is probably one of the best hitters baseball has never seen (hint) LOL!

If you don't understand what I'm trying to portray how we should treat each other, please feel free to Sparkmail me. I can be pretty blunt if the need arises.



My spelling checker let hass go by, even though it wasn't capitalized. Maybe it thought I was talking about "little" avocados.

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