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12/10/19 1:52 P

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If you have a strong stride- yes. I know for me, being 5'4 that 35 minutes is close to doable, even if not on a regular basis. At my peak of walking fitness 37 minutes for 3.1 miles was doable and a reached often. But doing that pace outside in 35 minutes, I would need a closed course (stop lights, traffic, etc) to help shave off unwanted time. I am not a treadmill fan and use it sparingly.

Something else to consider is cross training with DVDs like those from Leslie Sansone and doing strength training, especially for posterior muscle groups- hmastrings, calves, glutes, etc. Building the muscles, keeping the core strong and body limber will also go a long way in building speed.

Everything can be offered up as a sacrifice. All of this. It can, it will, in the long run benefit not only me, but my family as well. It's a worth-while sacrifice no matter how long it takes. I must look for His glory in all of this.

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3/27/18 6:48 P

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A 5K is 3.1 Miles. You would have to walk a sustained 6 MPH to walk that in 35 minutes. (My math is sketchy). Your treadmill should tell you if your goal is reasonable. Turn your speed up a few notches and see how long you can sustain that.

I am short. I personally would have to run to keep that pace. Then I would fly off the back of the treadmill gasping like a fish out of water.

I set my goals to account for age and health issues. My original goal was to walk a 5K with frequent 30 second rest breaks. I didn't care if it took all day. Then I eliminated the rest breaks. Then I tried to get it under 90 minutes. 55 minutes was my best time.

I have been recuperating from a couple health setbacks. I am shooting for 35 minutes daily on the treadmill for next week. The following week I will up that to 40 minutes, adding time and speed in slow increments as I get comfortable with each change.




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3/27/18 2:06 A

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Thank you! I know that I have a ways to go, but the goal is by the end of December. I just have a hard time guessing how much I will be able to improve in an entire year.

I LOVE the idea of setting a goal that I am 90% sure I can reach. I usually set a bigger goal and then set the next month's baby steps to get there and then re-evaluate - so I don't have an end date for the big goal. That's I am struggling a little bit with this one.

Today I was able to take off 2 minutes - 53 minutes - woohoo!!

3/26/18 11:11 P

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You might be able to reach 35 minutes. The question is how long do you want to take? You are still holding on the bars of the treadmill which means you have a ways to go.

One of the things I like to do is set a goal I'm 90% sure I can reach. I'm into having success. It might be a modest goal, but it is something I can achieve and be SUCCESSFUL. I can then work on trimming time off my 5K and I'd go for minutes at a time. 5 minutes or so is a good goal to set in trimming time off a walk/run.

Over time, you will be able to reduce the time from your 5K and you will feel successful all the time rather than setting a goal you have never before reached.

Good luck.

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3/26/18 6:28 P

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As a family we all picked a time we would like to improve our 5K to by the end of the year. Beginning of the year I was at 55 minutes (still am, but I don't have to use the bars on the treadmill as much). I chose 35 minutes because at one point in my life I could do a 40 minute 5K. Rest of family is jogging/running and I'm walking. Is 35 a reasonable goal? I have no idea so I just randomly chose it.

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