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9/10/18 3:20 P

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I've got the same ideas as Mike.

I am a type-2 diabetic, and I have measured my blood sugar, gone for a walk expecting it to burn off some carbs and leave me with lower blood sugar, only to find that it went higher.

Same thought as Mike, I think that carbs stored in glycogen, which is in your liver and muscles, are released when you exercise, and this actually drives blood sugar up. I view exercise as something good for you, to make you fitter, and make your muscles more able to take in glucose in the long term, but that in the short term it just looks worse. Overall I think you are better for the exercise.

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8/30/18 3:07 P

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Hi, I can guess, I am not diabetic yet so I don't have to test so haven't. When did you test. right after work out. when you digest food glycogen is created and stored in muscles for future energy, it is a sugar. when you exercise it is released to be used for energy. I would guess that right after exercise you glycogen levels are still high. your muscles will continue to matabalise for some time after you quit working


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8/30/18 9:40 A

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I'm so frustrated & discouraged. I am newly diagnosed & just got my first glucometer yesterday. I've already tested myself 3 times. At the doctor's office about an hour after eating my glucose was 129. Not bad. I didn't eat the rest of the day & tested myself before having a late dinner: 136. Strange as I didn't have anything to eat, but I don't yet fully understand how my body trends & cycles. This morning I work up & took my glucose again, 157 after having eaten 7 hours earlier. Not happy with the result, but I headed to the gym & took it again expecting a lower result: 199!!! I don't understand how I can manage my diabetes with diet & exercise with results like this. Any suggestions on how to combat the rise in glucose after exercising?

I'm just not giving up on me. I will never stop trying to be healthy, no matter my failures and shortcomings.

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