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8/24/09 1:06 P

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I know what you mean. I am a single mom and have to work full time. It does get overwhelming. I have learned that I just have to make up my mind to make healthier choices for my son and myself. I have to make sure I get to bed on time so I can get up on time to get in my workout. I used to do this all the time until the last three months. Today I have started again. I also have to make sure to have in stock quick and healthy foods. I took down some frozen fish fillets last night so they will be ready to cook later this afternoon. Fish is quick to bake and you can pair it with fresh veggies/salad, and maybe a nuked potato. Just an example. It takes an effort to plan but it is a must. My son also needs physical activity so I have to make time for him. A friend and I get together two times a week at a local park for fun physical activities with our children. Just some ideas and hopefully some encouragement that it can be done but you have to decide to "just do it!"

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8/24/09 6:46 A

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We live about 10 minutes from a nice park with walking trails around a big lake. The trail I like to head out on totals 2.65 miles if you don't take any of the shortcuts. During the week, a friend and I will go out 3-4 days while the kids are in school or after-school activities. On the weekends, like yesterday, when I plan to head out, I'll just ask the kids who wants to come with me. Most often I'll get at least two of them for a 2+ mile walk. Yesterday, they all came.

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8/24/09 12:02 A

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I wish I had suggestions for you on how to be able to get your kids out of the house and you to the gym.

Is it at all possible for you and the kids to go for walks? Even if it means driving a little way to go to a school track or something?

emoticon I wish you the best and hope you are able to find a solution.

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8/23/09 7:55 P

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I live in a one bedroom apartment in a not so nice neighborhood. I crave a babysitter so that my kids can get a little more activity out of their weekend and I can get some much needed work done. I could also use one through the week in order to work out a gym. I wish I had a friend who lived near the gym I want to work out at after work in order to get my vigorous workouts in. I have not logged fitness minutes in a very long time and my weight keeps going up and down. I know that the weight loss is possible. I have definitely lost my stick to it attitude because when I get off from work, I meet with four eyes that I love to stare into that are probably looking at a whole chicken instead of their mother. I feel pressured to run to some fast food monstrosity to fill empty bellies instead of taking the time to put a crockpot meal together in the am. I do need to do better, but how when I feel the pressure of motherhood, work, and staying healthy all pressing in on me at once. Don't get me started on the housework!! The life of a single mom is heart wrenching for the those who do not live it, and backbreaking for the ones that do...

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