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8/3/12 3:25 P

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For digging dogs, try sprinkling the areas they dig with cayenne pepper. Although it doesn't work for every dog, did work for mine!

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8/3/12 12:11 P

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My greys have always been barkers (maybe because that's my last name????) Like you, as soon as my garage door opens they bark like crazy. They don't do it when Bob comes home... how they know the difference I'll never know. My first greyhound never barked for the first 6 months. the first time he did shocked the bejeezuz out of me. But it was like opening a gate... he LIKED it!!
One of my dogs "talks" a lot to me. Kind of mini-barks and whines repeatedly. Took me a while to figure out what she wants. Did Timmy fall in the well? What she WANTS is for me to howl!! So I start singing in falsetto or just howl and she throws her head back and starts...then the others... no matter where they are, start. it's pandemonium and funny as heck. I stop and they keep it up. Then Exley realizes I'm not participating, she looks at me, barks, and we all start howling again. They seem to love it. Then we all stop, they put their heads back on the various sofas and it's quiet again.

8/3/12 12:06 P

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We have the same issue with Mort. We have to cover up the small sandbox in the kid's play area, because he keeps climbing in and digging like a fool, spraying sand everywhere.
And speaking of picking up bad habits, Mort is the barkingest greyhound in the world now, thanks to his doberman brother. He barks at deer.. barks at other dogs being walked in the street... he even barks now when we come home. I pull into the driveway and I can hear him on the other side of the door, barking!

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8/1/12 6:43 A

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My 8 year old grey has been digging holes since we got her. She doesn't just dig in one spot, she digs all over the yard. Some of her holes are huge and some are small. She seems to mostly dig in the spring. We've tried the poop thing and it didn't work for her. We tried filling the holes in but she just digs them out again. We keep hoping she'll outgrow it.

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7/31/12 5:42 P

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I have never had this problem with any of my dogs. I have heard that if your dogs digs in one spot, you can bury a sample of his poop just under the surface. They supposedly don't like it dig through their own poop. Don't know if this actually works but might be worth a try!

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7/31/12 1:43 P

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Ok the laying down and peeing was a bit weird but if she has excitement induced "leakage" maybe not. Coincidentally my FRED has started digging. He's never dug once in the 4 years I've had him and he has not been recently boarded.
BACKGROUND: I had a greyhound who passed 2 years ago that was a furious digger... always the exact same space. Dirt would be FLYING thru the air. After it got big enough to be a concern (next to the fence) I'd fill it back in and by that evening.... DIGGY DIG DIG.

When she passed (I know this is pathetic) I never was able to fill in the hole as it reminded me of her. Now, 2 years later, Fred has started furiously digging. In the EXACT same spot! My other grey and my whippet couldn't care less about it, but Fred makes it a daily activity. I'm not worried, and I do think it was possibly something your dog picked up at the kennel.

I'd definitely mention it on my next vet visit, but I don't' THINK it's anything to worry about. Especially if everything else seems OK. But then I don't really know. Maybe someone has more experience with this.

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7/31/12 12:51 P

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Ember, my 4 year old grey (we adopted 18 months ago) has suddenly started digging furiously in the yard every time we take her outside. She exhibited no interest or desire to dig until a trip to the boarding kennel about a month ago. I can only assume that one of her roommates taught her how. I dont mind so much, its in a shady part of the yard where nothing grows and is hilarious to watch. The odd part is, she'll dig for a minute or so, lay with he front legs in the hole, head down and then she pees while still laying down. Weird, right? She has alwways had excitement-induced accidents, so is it possible that her love of digging gets her so worked up that she can't contain it anymore? Do I need to be concerned?

Has anyone else had a grey that randomly picks up a new hobby?

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