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1/13/13 3:56 P

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You can live your life without them, if you want to. Some of us are techie junkies LOL. I do have a Garmin that is 2 years old that I really love to track the distance of my runs, and also I set it for walk/run intervals and it gives me beeps when to change while it tracks my distance, pace, and total time. For about 3 years I wore a pedometer all the time, which tracked my total steps for the day. Generally recommended is that we get at least 10,000 steps in per day, walking, doing housework, or whatever with all of our activities combined. Recently someone gave me a fitbit as a gift, which replaces my pedometer. I really like it. It also tracks my steps, my total miles for the day, my activity level. Mine is the fitbit Zip, which is cheaper than the fitbit One. I am also interested the One because you can wear it at night on a wristband and it is supposed to track your sleep and the quality of it. It also counts elevations changes as stair steps and can tell you how many "steps" you've climbed during the day if you are interested. Both fitbits link to a webiste you register on, and it uploads your data by syncing to it automatically when you are near the computer you have it on. it comes with a little thing that plugs into a usb port to sync it. The syncing usb device is not attached in any way, and is wireless, so I just leave it plugged in and when I'm by the computer it automatically syncs. I have fitbit users that I've made friends with on the fitbit site and their total steps show up on my page in a list and mine on their's, so we can see how we compare to each other for a little fun and competition. I've actually seen my daily steps increase quite a bit, since I started using the fitbit on January 3rd. For some reason it inspires me to get more steps in more than a pedometer did. You can also set your spark page to sync to your fitbit page, so your steps, mileage, and activity minutes are automatically transferred to SP.

Hope this information helps you. It's up to you to decide if you want these or not. You don't have to have any of these to run. It just gives you more information if you want it. There are also some free apps for smartphones that can help. I have a program on my Droid called Runkeeper. It uses GPS in your phone and also tracks mileage, current pace, average pace, time, etc. And you can set it for the type of activity, whether walking, running, hiking, biking, etc. I do a lot of hiking and I run some but also do more walking afterwards. I like to use it to track my total distance when I'm out hiking, or if I run and then walk a few miles after the run. So I start it when I leave the house and stop it when I return (or car if I'm hiking) and use my Garmin just for the actual run part. Runkeeper can upload the data to a webpage through my phone that I can access on my computer and see my history. it also shows my elevation change, which is interesting to me when I'm hiking in a lot of hills or mountains. Like I said, I'm a tech junkie. None of these are required.


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1/12/13 9:25 P

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I can tell you what a garmen is. My parents love to walk/run with them. Basically it keeps track of how long (time) and how far (distance) you've exercised. Then it can tell you your running pace. It gives you up-to-date information so if you are trying to keep a steady pace, it can tell you to speed up or slow down. However, it uses satellites to get the information so it may not work well on a very cloudy day or rainy day. (It usually does, but there have been some problems.) The garmen keeps a record of your exercises and you can put that into the computer to see how you've been doing.

I personally don't use one because I don't care what my jogging pace is, but if that is really important than you may want to consider getting one.

1/12/13 6:03 P

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so, I keep hearing runners talk about garmens, pedometers, and Nike plus things and what nots. I'm still confused as to what they ARE exactly. What do they do and how do they help? I get advertising all over my Spark for the FitBit which I guess you wear all day. Come to find out it's "different' then the Garmens & Nike things.

Anyone have any ideas of what these gadgets are for and can I live my life without them? :p thanks.


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