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4/6/11 12:40 A

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I've only gotten a few articles of clothing since I started getting the weight off, and the funny thing is most of the clothing I was wearing in high school fits me again so i'm just wearing that clothing making new use out of it.

I've only had to buy a couple articles of clothing for work reasons, but that's about it (only because I didn't have anything in the current style of clothing - what I had was out dated by a lot of years and showed).

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I am in exactly the same boat. I have also lost 35lbs and have about 20 to 25 more to go. I finally had to break down and go to the thrift store and buy some new things. I am the office manager of a small school I need to look presentable and all of my old clothes were tent like and really baggy. I have a thrift store near me that takes 50% off on holidays so I went and bought a few new things but now they are not fitting as well.

I've just explained to everyone that I am losing weight and decided to just give up the fight with wearing clothes that fit. There are some pieces that I have taken to the tailor to take in because it is cheaper than buying new. Good luck!

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4/5/11 2:07 P

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Hi ladies! I'm wondering if anyone has any good ideas or tips on dressing well during weight loss, without spending every spare dollar and minute shopping for new clothes!

I'm about 35 pounds into my weight-loss journey (25 more to go over the next 6 months or so) and I've gone from a size 16 to a size 12. I'm hoping to end at a size 8. I work in an office (admin, so not a high salary!) and I need to dress professionally. Here are some things that worked for me but I'd love some more ideas as my wearable wardrobe is shrinking every month!

-You can move buttons on pants with thick two-button waistbands, especially where the buttons are on a belt-like flap, and there is a smaller interior button to fasten the inner side. I have a pair of size 16 pants that I am wearing right now - I've moved the buttons probably five times. It's now about 3.5" from where it was. I think that's about all I can do. It's a bit wide in the legs but the fabric is a sturdy weight so it drapes well for a wideleg look. I wish I could get more pants in this style! (I've tried sewing folds into waistbands too but that doesn't look as natural).

I've been using two belts: a thin slider belt from MEC and a cheap wide elastic belt from Ricki's, depending on the belt-loop size. Lets me wear a size up as needed! I need some give because my belly is still big... but my hips have shrunken so I need something to hold up my pants!

I'm "inheriting" clothes from my partner, who has also lost about 15 pounds. My new size is her old size, so it works well, though she doesn't have any office clothes (and sometimes she resists my stealage since she doesn't have a lot of new clothes either!).

For tops, my old tailored tops look terrible and tentlike now. If I wear a new, fitted blazer overtop it smoothes it out. I'm finding that knitted or bias-cut tops with some drape are more flexible at this stage (though I've had to sew some extra folds into a ruched neckline to raise a neckline that become too low after weightloss!). I love blazers/jackets (so flattering and tummy-camouflaging!) and blazers HAVE to fit. I'm leaning more towards the one-button, empire-waisted closure now because at least then you can move the button easily!

I have to be careful not to buy things too small because then it can be months 'til I can wear it (and I need clothes now) so I'm trying to be sensible. What I buy is always on mega-sale! But money is still tight. Any other suggestions? What works for you? What works well for summer clothes???

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