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4/8/11 9:42 A

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I have had the same experience as Erica, my insulin levels are always high but sugar/glucose is either normal or low due to the high levels of insulin. I have been taking Metformin for awhile with no real improvement in the insulin numbers but my new Endo actually said he didn't know what to do with a high fasting insulin number. I use a glucose meter to make sure that my numbers aren't too low. My Endo was concerned that when we tried to increase my Metformin that it would make me go really low in the mornings so he wants me to test every morning when I wake up.

What I liked about SBD was that you could add things in and see how they effect you. For me, Apples, which are low GI for most people spike my insulin and I am starving within 30 min of eating an apple even with protein. Apple dishes effect me the same way so I just avoid them most of the time but Bananas, which have a GI greater than apples are no issue and are a regular part of my diet these days. It really is all about what works for you and your body chemistry. Just as everyone has different symptoms, everyone has different foods that work or don't work for them. The one thing that I have heard that goes for all PCOS'rs is that we should be eating moderate fat (emphasis on mono) instead of low fat, which surprised me a bit due to our increase in heart problem risks but it was odd, my cholesterol was actually higher when I focused on low fat and has gone down as I have added healthy fat sources into my diet.

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4/6/11 10:42 A

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I myself have had my glucose tested again and again and have never had high levels, although I *experienced* the feelings of bloodsugar imbalance... (Part of why it took me so long to get diagnosed!)

For me, it's all about the insulin levels (ie, my insulin goes really high and balances my glucose effectively but screws everythinge else up in the process!) Insulin levels are much harder to test (my doctor said they're only tested in clinical research?) so a glucose test wouldn't help me. But some people with PCOS find that their glucose levels do vary based on what they eat. I'd say getting a bloodsugar testing machine might be worthwhile if you've had high glucose levels in previous tests and if your doctor recommends it.

I personally recommend a low-GI diet that includes whole grains in moderation (ie, no more than a 1/2 cup serving at a time, and trying to stay within the SP guidelines). There are good nutrients in whole grains. But everyone is different! Some people don't metabolize *any* grains well, and are better off without them. Listen to *your* body. Unfortunately there's no one-size-fits-all "program" for PCOS! Other than, of course, being active and avoiding sugar and processed starches. :)

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1/27/11 6:30 P

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First just because you have PCOS doesn't mean you will become diabetic, you have an increased risk of it yes, but it doesn't mean it will happen only that it can happen.

In general any one who is a diabetic should be following the guidelines set out to them by their countries Diabetic Association when it comes to what they should be eating in general.

The Canadian Diabetic Association use to do the exchange deal or counting carbs (which is what i started with oh so many years ago), but in recent years has gone to the Low GI deal or Mediterranean Diet deepening on the person with diabetes that is being treated. If heart issues are part of the problem then mixing the mediterranean diet into the mix is apparently a common option. I use the Mediterranean diet as a louse reference because its not really the diet that is being follow but the idea of it since by reference that diet is low GI to start with.

My own dietitian didn't tell me to follow the Low GI or Med deal, she and I worked out a different deal that was working for me fora number of years, but once on insulin I'm having to find another method that works best for me to help treat my diabetes.

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1/27/11 3:07 P

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South Beach actually uses the Glycemic Index (GI) to create its diet. The first 2 weeks focus on sugar elimination. Then sugars are added back in during Phase 2 and 3. I find it much easier than trying to figure out the GI diet. Just focus on good sugars like fruit instead of processed sugars.

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1/26/11 11:12 P

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that's all true for most of us, I think. my only fruit is berries, cause they have mega fiber and little carbs and lots of antioxidents. other than that I have half a grapefruit once in a while, especially if I'm battling sinus infection or cold or flu, but it's rare. I crave them in the late winter.

I really don't do grain at all. I get all my carbs from fruit or veg.

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1/26/11 10:49 P

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A sandwich made with 100% WW bread sends my blood sugar up the same level as having fruit, which is significant. Fruit also sends my blood sugar much higher than say sweet potatoes, peas, rutabegas, and other starchy vegetables. But, still, we do need some fruit. Just be sure to limit it, and always have only one portion at a time (at the end of your meal).

I just seen a dietician for insulin resistance and pre-diabetes, and she set for me: 2 fruit a day, and 4 starch servings a day. And, 1/2 serving of plain yogurt with added probiotics. So since the yogurt is in the starch catagory I actually am listed as having 4 1/2 starches a day.

Here's basically what she set for me:
8-10 oz Protein daily
4-7 non-starchy vegetables
2 servings grain (starches)
2 starchy vegetables daily (starches)
1/2 serving yogurt
2 servings fruit daily
4-6 servings fat daily (ONLY good fats like olive oil, or nuts).

That's about it. Well, that and actually doing it. It really is pleasant to stick to, but I still have to deal with whatever causes emotional eating.


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1/26/11 1:28 P

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I guess some people do use diabetes testing meters, and some doctors prescribe them.

I'd think it would be useful to help you to know how the different foods affect you. for instance, how would a slice of (WW) bread affect your blood glucose numbers, or fruit, etc.

Now we're actually fighting INSULIN with PCOS, since it's INSULIN which has us packing on the pounds and CRAVING starches and sugars, but the glucose meter would give us an inkling since the blood glucose drives insulin. However, if you don't have the money for the test strips then just go by your cravings. if you're CRAVING sweets or starches, eat protein and FAT. the fat will help immensely in switching off the cravings.

I won't say I don't get cravings on a low carb diet, but if I eat the protein and fat I can CONTROL myself.... Mostly.

IF I get those cravings when I am emotionally upset I have more trouble, but even then it's a choice. If I make myself eat nice fatty hamburger instead of a nice dozen cupcakes or half a cheese cake it quiets the monster. LOL

When your craving sweets and starches, especially if you're upset. FILL yourself with protein and fat... if you try to eat just one cupcake, you KNOW your just strengthening the monster. he gets more insistent and more hungry til you eat til your half way to a coma.

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all they ways, acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

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1/26/11 10:41 A

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I was on South Beach for a bit, then switched to GI. Now, I'm not sure WHAT I want to do or what I SHOULD do. South Beach encourages no sugar AT ALL while GI encourages trace amounts.
Also, since PCOS is pre-diabetes, would diabetic supplies like glucose monitors be necessary? What about Glucerna and the like? Would using supples normally used for diabetics also be beneficial to those with PCOS?

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