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3/16/15 11:30 P

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At the moment I am training with / Coaching my son (16) because he wants to break his own national lifting record, I have been lifting with him since he was 12. His paediatrician has been encouraging his lifting to improve his natural growth rather than having to go through growth hormone treatment for his very short size.

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8/7/14 5:58 P

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Not strength training, but I've conned two students, a Sunday school kid, and a colleague into running 5Ks with me.


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7/31/14 8:04 A

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My daughter joins me for Yoga and calisthenics because she likes it - she likes step aerobics too, but she's not coordinated enough for a step, but I let her do it w/o the step. I dont let her use any weight except for her own body weight now though
...she's 6, but if she were 11 I'd let her lift and progress with me. She's a strong girl...she holds some really nice poses.

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7/30/14 11:20 P

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Every time I work out my kids insist on joining in. My kids are 3 years and 18 months and their joining in mostly includes trying to climb/jump on me if I'm doing yoga or making it impossible to use my elliptical by climbing onto it behind me.

I did pick up a pair of 2 lb dumbbells for my 3-year-old at a garage sale and he loves copying me when I'm lifting weights. They also will try to workout along with me if I'm doing a workout video. They tend to lose interest after about 5 minutes but those first 5 minutes are so freaking cute. The playground is also a great place to work out with the kids. Most newer playgrounds include climbing walls along with traditional monkey bars and such.

It's really nice to be able to pass on a good habit to your kids. I'm sure I'm passing along plenty of bad ones too, but this I can feel good about. :)

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7/27/14 5:10 P

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My 11 year old son has been joining me for strength training 3x per week the last couple of weeks. Of course, he doesn't do exactly my workout. He does dead lifts with dumb bells since he's starting out at a lighter weight than the bar itself, things like that. He had a physical last month to make sure he was up for the challenge, so no worries there.

It's been so great spending that time with him, and it really helps me drive home my goal of being a good role model for him, which is one of the big reasons I'm doing this. I hate seeing him in front of the tv during the summer. We limit his screen time, but with so few friends in the neighborhood, he needs structured time to get physical exercise.

Does anyone else work out with their kids? What are the best child-friendly workouts you've found?

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