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4/8/12 2:41 P

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I feel your frustration and I have wanted to give up so many times but staying focused is essential. You know you are doing all you can. That is important and so much better than not doing anything at all. I have never been thin, I'm 36 now, and I will never be. I am 5'8 and 175 lbs. I buy clothes that flatter me. I can generally mask my problem areas. Buy yourself some new clothes...tell yourself that you are beautiful despite what these ugly diseases make us think. Also know that you are not alone.


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3/12/12 5:31 A

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We are same as you are..battling hard..I am battling since i was 14yr old.There are many girls like you.Together we can lose weight and win the battle.
Thyroid and PCOS are our lifetime friends, can't really be cured as per my knowledge...but they could be controlled.
How long have you been hypo?what medicine you are taking?does it control your levels?
Regular checkup is very important!
Be well!please friend me as well, if you wish.

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3/9/12 8:14 A

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Good morning. I hate to hear the frustration but you have definitely found a group that feels your pain. I see you only have 50 spark points and you've only done two posts so you must be new to sparkpeople. I have to say you found the right spot. Two things, do some research because diets are not going to work. They usually restrict your calories to low and when you're hypo already you can do more harm than good because of your already slow metabolism. Second, make sure that you do not have an underlying process such as insulin resistance going on as well.

You will need to do research to learn how to eat differently. Lots of clean foods and not so many overprocessed foods and refined carbs. I have slowly changed my eating over time and made sure that I have added exercise and I have slowly lost over the last two years. It may not seem like a lot, but I consider it a success because I have not put any weight back on. Check on this site for recipes. I have not personally tried any yet, but when you read success stories on here, they mentioned using the recipes provided.

I know you probably don't feel like it, but exercise is essential. Find something that is enjoyable that you can do at least 20 minutes a day such as walking. If you have a smart phone download the daily workout apps such as daily ab workout, daily arm workout (they have butt, cardio, leg, and yoga as well). These are free apps that give you a 5 minute routine to work out those areas. You can do with them with or without weights. The resistance training will help.

The biggest thing I can say is don't let this get the best of you. I'm not sure how long ago you got diagnosed but I remember going through a number of emotions after getting my hypo diagnosis. I was aggravated, mad, and felt defeated. But slowly I started learning new things that became beneficial. I joined several groups on here and took all advice with an open mind and applied what worked for me. Not everything works for everybody I have learned. The only difference is it would take them me a year to find a doctor that listened to me and tested me for PCOS and insulin resistance. Once I got that diagnosis it helped as well. But if you truly have insulin resistance that has not been diagnosed and you start eating clean and exercising daily, you'll see an improvement. Right now you just want to focus on stopping the weight gain. Learn how to calculate your metabolism rate. I found an excellent calculator a while back and didn't save it (I want to say Jillian Michaels is the one who had it), but it helps you determine your resting rate taking into account your hypothyroidism so you can determine how many calories you should eat during the day.

We will be glad to help you along the way. So for starters, here are my tips: take your meds faithfully and at the same time everyday. Drink more water. Get some exercise daily even when you don't feel like it, it will help. Eat less refined carbs and more natural carbs. You need natural carbs to keep your energy up. Make one small change to your lifestyle habits a month. After a month it should stick pretty good as a habit. Remember, hypothyroidism is, in most cases, for a lifetime and that is how you will have to treat it. So ditch the short-term diets which are going to aggravate the problem.

I know this is lengthy, but I really hope it helps. Please also feel free to friend me. I couldn't get to your page. I will be glad to help when I can.


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3/8/12 9:44 A

I am a 38, 39 in August, female that has always had a problem loosing weight. I have a under active thyroid problem, weighing 180 pounds and not feeling good about myself. I am on my last try to loose weight before I give up FOREVER! I am reaching out for help from anyone that would be willing to help me. I have tried every diet that I could find and none of them had worked, I just keep gaining weight. I really could use some advice and some help so hopefully I begin to loose weight and not give up. Having a thyroid problem makes it really hard for me to loose weight. Thank you very much,

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